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There are about 15 PR agencies in Oldbury, most of which are small, as the larger agencies are in Birmingham’s centre.  

There are 5 larger marketing companies in Oldbury, that offer public relations as part of the wider mix of marketing services, such as graphics, web services and advertising.  

There are several PR companies in Oldbury that focus on specific industry sectors.

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from 5 local  PR companies in Oldbury that know your industry sector.

Choosing Someone Local

Many of the businesses around Oldbury are service based companies and therefore are not targeting the national or global media.  

As such, there are local agencies that are able to offer support for campaigns being set up and run.  

There are around 100 PR agencies in Birmingham that are able to support local companies.  As Birmingham is less than half an hours drive away, visiting them is no problem.

All PR agencies in Oldbury have different industry experience.  Some are members of the CIPR (or another industry body).  Different clients they have worked with in the past, and associations to different media circles.  

Selecting a firm that knows your industry is important.  They have worked with companies in your market, and know the media to target is important, in order to get the best and quickest results.  

There are also a few PR agencies in Dudley that may be suited should you not find one locally?

Compare Prices

All PR agencies in Oldbury are different, deal with different kinds of clients, different in their approaches and different in their fee structure.  

Most will charge a monthly retainer, which is agreed before the campaign starts, based on what it involves.  

However some are now offering payment on results, so for each article that is published, a fee is paid, for example.  

It is wise to shop around and compare PR prices in order to find the best representation, for the best price.

A Few Words About Oldbury

It is a small town of around 10,000 inhabitants (according to council data), just to the west of Birmingham.

Historically it was part of Shropshire, but it was moved into Worcestershire in 1844, and is now part of Greater Birmingham.  

As Birmingham expanded it also expanded to house many of the workers from the industrial areas of the Midlands, with growth of the industrial and automotive sectors.

The first branch of Lloyds Bank was opened in town in 1864, and the first Indian restaurant was opened in 1940.

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