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There are around 20 PR agencies in Oldham, many of these are medium sized businesses offering industry focused campaigns.  It also has around 10 larger marketing companies that offer public relations support as part of a broader mix of marketing services, including website design and advertising.  There are also PR companies in Oldham that focus on specific industry sectors.

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Selecting A Local Company

Businesses in town are at an advantage as they have such a variety of agencies to choose from, not just locally, but also from Manchester; there are over 150 PR companies in Manchester.  Working with an  agency that is local makes much more sense than working with one that is hundreds of miles away, as meetings, which can then be easily scheduled, are an important part of the relationship building process.  A meeting gives the chance to meet the team, get to know the firm, and talk through strategies.

Another important issue concerns the experience that the company might already have in your industry.  Many firms have experience in specific industry sectors, such as finance, retail and pet care, and therefore choosing one that knows your industry is very wise if not essential;  such an experienced company should already have contacts in the target publications in place, and as such be able to get your press articles launched quickly.

Compare PR Prices From PR Companies In Oldham

In today’s society, the need to shop around and compare prices is essential.  No-one wants to pay more than necessary, and at the same time everyone hopes for the best service or product.  Generally speaking the larger PR agencies in Oldham, due to their experience, their client base, profit margins, tend to charge more for their services.  Equally the smaller ones charge less.  If you are a larger business talking to a larger agency that has more resources available, perhaps through national or international agencies, is wise.  But for smaller concerns or businesses just starting up, a smaller agency will be adequate. Also important to realise is that because there is no industry standard PR prices will vary quite considerably.

A Few Words About Oldham

Oldham is part of Greater Manchester, and just north east of the city within Lancashire.  Oldham sits in the foothills of the Pennines with a history in the textile industry, during the Industrial Revolution throughout the 19th Century.  But now the area is very much residential and an overflow from the outskirts of Manchester.  Going back a few centuries, flint arrowheads were found in the town, assumed to be many thousand years old.  The name goes back to the name ‘Aldehulme‘ and in Old English this is roughly translated as ‘outcrop’.  Oldham has a population of around 100,000 (according to council data), and the economy is based around food processing, services, healthcare and publishing.

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