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There are about 20 PR agencies in Oxford.  Most of these are multi-disciplined and offer a range of services, such as brochure design and website design; mainly to larger UK/global businesses.  

Also to be found are a number of smaller, more bespoke companies around the city, and of course many freelancers who have started up by themselves. 

There are a wide variety of marketing companies in Oxford, of all shapes and sizes. 

Simply fill in the form opposite to get free advice and quotes from PR agencies in Oxford that know your industry sector. 

Working With Someone Local

Oxford is quite a tight knit community.  As such it is advisable for businesses to select from one of the many PR companies in Oxford.  

There is no problem with using a company that is outside of town, even hundreds of miles away.  However there does tend to be loyalty to local businesses .

All have differing experience, so there are advantages in selecting one that knows your industry.  They will probably have established contacts at the various media publications, and as a result should be able to get you quicker results once the campaign starts.  

It also gives you chance to put together a PR brief.

There are in addition many website designers in Oxford that may help should you need web design.

Compare Quotes

Oxford is quite a pricey place to have a business, so it is worth looking around and doing price checks.  

All agencies set their own rates based on their overheads, staff numbers and profit margins, so comparing PR costs is important to avoid overpaying.

A Few Words About Oxford

It is the county town of Oxfordshire in the south of England, and famous for Oxford University.  

Oxford university is the oldest in the English speaking world, and is first referred to back in the 12th Century.  

Oxford has links going back to Saxon times and has come to be known as ‘the city of dreaming spires’.

 Much of the city is based around the university and has a population of 165,000 according to local data.  

It is also known for car manufacture at Cowley; other industries have developed such as brewing, publishing and engineering.

It attracts over 9 million tourists every year, and due to its architecture is a popular film location.

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