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There are about 10 PR agencies in Perth, most of which are smaller agencies and freelancers working from rented offices or home.  

Perth also has around 10 marketing companies that offer a range of marketing services,  such as digital marketing, branding and web services.  Many of the larger marketing companies are based in cities such as Dundee or Edinburgh.

There are around 20 website designers in nearby Dundee that can help should you need any web support.

Just fill in the form to get free quotes and advice from PR companies in Perth that know your industry sector.

Choosing Someone Local

Working with a local agency is always to be preferred over one that is miles away.  This means that meeting them is so much easier.  Communications is not limited to e-mails and ‘phone calls. In addition, there are around 30 PR agencies in Dundee.

Experience is also a very important factor that needs to be considered when selecting a company to present your business to the media.  

All agencies have different backgrounds depending on their previous and current portfolio of clients.  Many agencies these days are starting to focus on niche markets.  Such as engineering, financial PR or education, rather than taking on a mix of clients.  

There is obviously great advantage if an agency has already worked with businesses similar to yours in the past.  They should be able to mount a campaign much quicker, giving a swifter return on your investment.

Comparing prices is something that is also quite important when considering marketing.  All PR agencies in Perth have different rates depending on their overheads. 

Generally speaking the larger they are, the higher their rates will be, as they have more staff, bigger offices, more directors, higher profit margins.  All agencies have different PR prices, so it is worth shopping around and comparing quotes.

A Few Words About Perth

This ‘Fair City’ in central Scotland on the ‘Silvery Tay’ has a population of around  50,000 according to council data.  

Its name is derived from a Pictish word meaning ‘copse or wood’.  

There has been a settlement here since prehistoric times, due to its strategic and naturally raised location, making it easily defended with good river links.

In 1296, Kind Edward I of England captured the town quickly due to it having poor defences, so he constructed strong defences until Robert The Bruce recaptured the city in 1312. 

King Edward III forced six local monasteries to pay for upgrades to the defences in 1336 and as such they were the strongest city defences in the whole of Scotland.  

In 1437 King James I of Scotland was assassinated in Perth at Blackfriars’ Church.

It was a good place for a railway station.  

When the railways appeared during the Industrial Revolution, through being well placed in the centre of Scotland.  

Historically it had industries such as bleaching, linen, leather and whiskey production; however, these days Perth has many diverse companies, and serves as a retail town.

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