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There are about 10 PR agencies in Tamworth, and around 30 marketing companies that offer public relations as part of a broader range of marketing services.  

Many PR agencies in Birmingham have moved outside the city, to find lower rental costs and also the flexibility of servicing clients in middle England as well as the Midlands.  

There are PR companies in Tamworth that are looking to talk to you today.  There are additionally a few smaller PR companies in Sutton Coldfield that may be suited?

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from PR companies in Tamworth that know your industry sector.

Selecting A Local Agency

As it has such a variety of PR companies in Tamworth,it is advisable to hold a meeting so as to really get to know the company.  

By looking at an agencies website and chatting on the phone, only surface information can be gauged.  To really get to know an agency a visit does need to be made in person, an advantage of using someone locally.  It also gives a chance to chat to the team, get to know the ‘man on the ground’ and talk through how much they know about your business and industry.  

As there are so many public relations agencies around, selecting one that has previously worked in your field of business, knows the media and has the contacts is very important for launching your campaign quickly and effectively.

Compare Prices

All PR agencies in Tamworth set their own rates,  as there is no industry standard.  As with all PR agencies in the Midlands, all are independent profit making businesses.  

Generally the larger firms charge more for press coverage, based on their profit margins, number of staff and overheads.  It is wise to compare PR costs as all agencies do set their own charging structures.

A Quick Look At Tamworth

It is based just north-east of Birmingham, and takes its name from the River Tame which flows through the town.  It was the capital of the Kingdom of Mercia, due to its location between the rivers of the Tame and Anker, and so held a strategic position for trade and industry.  

For centuries, Tamworth was the largest town in the Midlands, until Birmingham took over during the seventeenth century with the birth of the Industrial Revolution.  

In the 11th century, the Normans built the castle, which was built on the earlier Saxon castle, the historic seat for many Saxon kings.  The population these days is around 100,000 according to the local council, and it is considered a close commute for much of Birmingham’s work force.

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