PR Agencies – What To Look For

PR Agencies - What To Look ForWhat To Look For In A PR Company

There are over 5,000 PR agencies in the UK ranging from smaller consultancies up to large multinational  agencies.  This gives you lots of choice and alternatives depending on what sort of agency you are looking for.  

When looking for PR agencies – what to look for would be experience.  If they know your industry, then they should be well equipped to help you.

What Should I Look For?

As there are so many public relations agencies to choose from, it is best to go with one that meets all of your criteria.

This may well be based on the following:

  • Local
  • Experienced
  • Able to get results
  • Cost effective.

It is always advised to meet with an agency before signing up, this achieves two things.  Firstly, you can get a feel for the culture, what the team are like, how they keep their offices and how professional they are. 

Secondly, you can get a feel for what their understanding is of your business/service.  For them to work effectively for you, they do need to understand your business.  Very often on the phone or e-mail, agencies can give all the right sounds of understanding, but it is just a sales fob off.  This leads on to the next point below.

An experienced agency will get you better results from your media campaign.

As there are so many around the UK, it does make sense to work with one that knows your product/sector/industry.  This will give them a head start in getting your campaign up and running, but also they will already have established contacts within the media circles to work with from day one.

Many marketing companies can run their campaigns, however it is the results at the end of the day that we are all interested in.  Ask them for recent case studies or testimonials from clients that have found their approach successful. 

They should be able to give you an idea of how the campaign is expected to go based on their previous experience – even though no two clients are the same and no two marketing companies are exactly the same.

If an agency is linked to a professional body, this could be what to look for.

We always advise shopping around, comparing PR prices in order to ensure that you get the best value for money.  When considering public relations agencies – what to look for would be location and experience.

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