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There is a wealth of PR companies in London.  Ranging from startup agencies up to global PR agencies that work with top global brands.  There are over 2,000 PR companies in London, so choosing the right one may take some time.

London due to its diversity of culture does have a rich diversity of PR agencies, some specialising in niche industry sectors such as renewable energy, medical and food.  Some PR companies in London work in a variety of market sectors.

Due to its location, London has most of the top PR agencies in the UK, due to its travel connections London is the ideal location to serve top national and international business.

Using A PR Company In London

If your business is based within the M25 it does make practical sense to work with a London PR firm.  This way visiting them should not be too much of a difficulty.  Despite London being busy, getting from one end to the other via tube is relatively quick and certainly quicker than visiting an agency that is outside the M25.

It is always good to visit the PR firm, certainly before you choose them and sign the deal.

The main reason for visiting is to ensure that the PR company is based in the UK.  Many companies do pay for a virtual office.  They could be based in Scotland, Wales or India.  They have a website that is a, a London telephone number and a London post code.  Having a London address for many companies is a prestigious thing that can be misleading for businesses that want to work with someone local.

Another reason for visiting is to find out what they are like, talk to the team face to face, meet your main point of contact and most importantly, to quiz them on their knowledge of your industry.

Industry Experienced PR Companies In London

One thing that is essential is they know and understanding your industry.

This is partly down to the fact that they will already have media contact in place for the various target publications for your PR articles, but also the time it will take them to get you results.  After all, it is the results that matter at the end of the day.

It does make good logical sense to work with a PR company that knows your industry, but it will add benefit to your campaign.

Cost From PR Companies In London

There is the stigma that marketing companies in London are the most expensive in the UK due to their location.  This is not necessarily true, indeed they may pay more rent or have paid more for their offices; but some of the smaller agencies are very competitive.

It is wise to shop around and compare quotes from agencies before deciding on who to work with.  Indeed being based in London is important as is their experience of your market.  But price does play a critical factor in whether they are right for you or not.

To compare quotes from a few PR companies in London that know your industry, simply complete the form opposite.

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