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PR For Car RentalPublic Relations For Your Car Rental Company

PR for car rental companies is essential, as the industry is so competitive.  The difficulty is finding the right public relations agency for the campaign, as there are thousands in the UK, all with different sector experience.  We always advise talking to agencies that have experience in doing PR for car rental companies.

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Car Rental In the UK

The industry is a booming market here in the UK and there are a wide number of new companies that are starting up.

Popular companies include:

Most of these companies are American owned, but run as franchises here in the UK.

The industry now has hundreds of local and national businesses, showing that the industry is growing well.

Industry Focused Marketing

Most people looking to rent a car or van would turn to the internet as a way of finding them.  For this reason, a popular form of marketing for car rental companies would be internet based advertising (PPC advertising).  However, PR for car rental companies is essential in order to create brand awareness.

Does the PR agency have experience in marketing for automotive companies?

Price Comparison

Price comparison sites are moving into this industry; sites like moneysupermarket are starting to get involved with helping customers to compare costs.  Do you want to appear on a car rental comparison website, or do you want customers coming direct to you?  PR for car rental companies can ensure brand loyalty so that people go direct to you rather than comparing car rental prices.

Media Representation

Due to the competitive nature of the industry, there is a need for good media exposure.  Not least the rising number of car rental firms coming into the industry.  This is mainly small independents; which is taking business away from the other more established brands, referred to above.

Media coverage is all about creating brand exposure.  Different to many industries, the coverage is used to get your name out there.  This is why companies such as Hertz are so well known; it is because we are used to seeing the name through the various  marketing campaigns.  TV advertising, billboard advertising are places we are used to seeing Hertz and have done for years.

Choosing An Agency

There are a wide number of national and international PR agencies that know the car rental market very well.  Choosing one that works in this sector is based on these criteria:


Some agencies only really focus on the local market, within the Manchester area, or Winchester area for example.  For these companies, a small agency or local firm is needed.


Car rental companies such as Hertz are popular because of the brand.

People know they will get the same product in the US, UK or France; therefore the media message is aimed to create a strong brand.  This being said, the agency chosen for international rentals do need to have the resources to support you in other countries and languages.

Compare Quotes On PR For Car Rental

We recommend comparing quotes from multiple agencies.  All agencies set their own fees, therefore PR prices will vary considerably.

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