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PR For CCTV CompaniesPublic Relations For CCTV Businesses

PR for CCTV companies is becoming more and more popular, partly because is so effective, but partly because so affordable.  

The issue is finding a suitable media agency, as there are so many around the UK, finding the ‘right one’ is hard.  We always advise using one that has done PR for CCTV companies in the past.

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from 5 local PR companies that know the security industry.

Over the last 20 years, surveillance and monitoring has become more and more common.  Used by businesses and consumers of all types, the security industry is growing and becoming more competitive.  

As the need for security becomes more and more of a priority to both private individuals and businesses.  For this reason, many security companies have turned to using the media in order to raise their profile in the local area.

For Councils

Security for councils is of high importance, considering the issues surrounding daytime street crime, binge drinking and street violence; these are now used by all councils in the UK.  Winchester council has a link to the different cameras around the city.

For Government Sites

Considering all MOD sites, government buildings, police departments, security services; CCTV play an important role in surveillance and security.  Royal palaces have security teams that all rely on CCTV.

For Businesses

Many businesses use CCTV to keep an eye on their offices, warehouses or office sites over night.  This aids both as a deterrent and helps in catching offenders should they trespass.

For Domestic Homes

Considering the number of larger houses, country estates and high profile homes that there are around the UK, there is a growing need for CCTV to both act as deterrent to undesirables, and also help with security.  Whether the house is a large one like David Beckhams, or a small house in a bad area,  CCTV is affordable to all.

Growing Surveillance Industry

The security sector is growing as the number of houses and businesses grow in the UK.  However the security sector is becoming more and more competitive.  More and more new security companies are springing up, looking to take on local business in all the above market sectors.

The need therefore for you to stand out from your competitors is growing, and the need to look at different marketing tools is required, in order to encourage your business to flourish.  PR for CCTV companies is a very good and affordable option.

Industry Based Media Focus

For many CCTV companies, using a local PR agency is a wise option, as they can help with local marketing and local advertising.  This will help promote you with your local customers.

By targeting the local press and security related media publications PR companies can help you with brand awareness which results in more orders.

Local Media

Due to the fact that most companies work locally, it makes sense to work with a local public relations company.  There are a number of national CCTV companies around the UK that work with larger public relations businesses; but the majority are dealing locally.

How Much Does It Cost

Public relations costs will vary for getting a campaign set up due to each of your requirements.  Larger CCTV companies may well require more media support as far as campaign size and duration goes, than a smaller CCTV company.  PR prices also vary between agencies, as all are privately owned and set their own fees, so it is wise to compare quotes using the form opposite.

As a price comparison website, we want to help you find the best media agency, for the lowest price.  PR for CCTV companies does not need to be expensive, just fill in the form to find out how much.

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