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PR for eyewear companies is becoming more popular as the eyewear sector continues to grow and diversify.  

The problem is finding the right PR agency, as there are so many in the UK to choose from all with varied industry experience.  

We always advise talking to agencies that have experience in doing PR for this market sector.

We advise you to talk specifically to PR companies that know the industry. 

Just fill in the form opposite to get advice from agencies that undertake  marketing in the eyewear industry.

The Benefits Of PR

Media exposure is all about creating a buzz, and getting your name and brand into the media, so that people talk about it. 

Social media and twittering is a big part of PR these days, as more people are using social media websites each day.  Eyewear brands such as Oakley and Ray-Ban use PR

Brand awareness is an integral part of PR and branding, getting your name known in the UK industry is important.  

PR for eyewear is intertwined to branding and the overall marketing campaign.

How Much Would PR Cost?

PR prices do vary, mainly due to the agencies own fee structure.  PR for eyewear companies does not need to be expensive, so we encourage you shopping around.

All PR agencies are privately owned and set their own fees based on their overheads, experience and profit margins. 

Shopping around and comparing quotes is very wise to avoid overpaying someone and contributing to their next holiday.

Get Some Quotes To Compare

A final piece of advice is to compare a few PR agencies, we suggest 3-4 different agencies that know the eyewear sector and have worked with clients similar to you in the past.  

As a price comparison website, we want to help you to find the best PR agency, for the lowest price possible.  PR for eyewear does not need to be expensive, fill in the form to see how.

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