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PR For HotelsCompare Quotes From PR Agencies That Work In The Hospitality Sector

PR for hotels is essential, for raising brand awareness, marketing, and branding.  

However with so many agencies around the UK, finding an experienced one that has done media relations for hotels in the past may be difficult.  We always advise using an experienced firm, one that has done PR for hotels in the past and knows the hotel industry.

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The success or failure of your hotel depends a lot on your image, how you are viewed and what sort of experience your guests have.  For this reason, the media plays a vial role in your marketing and creating the feel good factor that guests want to experience in the accommodation you provide.

Hotels In The UK

Since COVID the UK government has been trying to support the hospitality industry.  Around the UK there are thousands, both large chains and small single hotels:

High End Hotels

  • Hilton Hotels
  • De Vere
  • Millennium Hotels

Budget Hotels

  • Travel Lodge
  • Premier Inn
  • Etap

Alongside the chains, there are the independents; thousands of hotels that are competing to attract guests.

Industry Focused Media

The media is used in a different way for this sector than it would be for other commercial businesses.  It is not used for generating new sales as such, but for increasing brand awareness; presenting an ethos of welcoming, warm, comfort and good food.  

PR for hotels is unique in many ways.

Portraying the positive experiences that happy customers have had, or of successful famous people that have stayed.  Media support for hotels also looks into review websites like Trip advisor which give varied feedback for everything.

For you to be successful, you need good publicity with a clear, clean image; rather than relying on new people visiting and staying, you need to attract regular customers back.  These could be business customers, couples, families, or whatever kind of client you wish to attract.

Targeting Specific Guests

PR for hotels can be used to target specific sorts of guests.

Targeted campaigns are a very effective marketing tool.  All hotels are different.  Some will want to attract only business clients, for example central London.  Some hotels closer to the seaside will want to slant their appeal to families.

Also to be considered are efficient catering services, with the provision of good food and accommodation for societies and clubs.  They may wish to use your facilities for meetings, possibly lunches with invited speakers, or afternoon tea for walking parties.

If you are fortunate in having lawns and gardens you might consider your hotel for wedding receptions. You will need to present yourself as a rather romantic venue, creating links with wedding organisers, and working with them to set the right ambiance, creating the right image.

Using the media effectively, you can ensure you are targeting the right sort of clients and the right type of guest.

Most of the larger hotel chains will use PR agencies alongside any TV advertising or other marketing that is happening.  However sadly smaller hotels normally fail to use the media as much.

Public Relations Support For Smaller Hotels

This is so important to ensure that you stand out from the crowd.  Many smaller hotels really do need to talk to a public relations agency about getting a campaign up and running.  Public relations is not necessarily an expensive marketing tool and is usually very effective in getting media exposure in the sector or the region.

To put some ideas and options for a media campaign together, enter some details into the contact form opposite, and we will provide several agencies that have worked within the hospitality sector, to provide both free advice and help.

There is no obligation.

Costs Of PR Support

The costs of PR for hotels  for a targeted campaign in the leisure and hospitality media will vary, partly down to the amount of coverage needed, but also the costs of the agency.  

All media companies set their own rates, as there is no industry standard.  This is based on their running costs, their overheads and their profit margins.  

It is advisable compare PR prices, to ensure that you are not overspending, with the wrong campaign and the wrong company.

Compare Marketing Quotes

We do recommend comparison, as there are so many agencies.  Finding the right PR agency for your hotel is important, rather than going with the first PR agency you see.  

As a price comparison website, we want to help you get the best PR agency for the best price.  Public relations for hotels does not need to be expensive, let us show you.

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