PR For Online Directories

PR For Online DirectoriesDoes Your Online Directory Need Media Support?

PR for online directories is very important, due to the growing online industry.  

However with the wide range of PR agencies around, finding the best agency is challenging.  

We always encourage you to use an agency that has experience in doing PR for online directories.  They will know the online industry, know your competitors and the media you need to reach.

Just fill in the form to talk with PR agencies that have online directories and internet experience.

On-line Industry

Online directories are web resources that provide information and listings about local areas. They serve as an alternative for people to use search engines, as they give a much more focused search honed into a geographical area.  

They provide a great place for local businesses to advertise their services to a highly targeted and relevant audience.

Most focus their resources around the major cities, such as London, Bristol, Leeds, York and Edinburgh, providing specific information about attractions, restaurants, exhibitions and places of interest. PR for online directories is necessary.

The largest online directory is Wikipedia.

Popular Sites

Search engines are great for doing broad searches of information across nations or globally.  

However finding something quite specific can be difficult.  As search engines are designed for much broader searches. 

These provide a very specific focus about industries, hobbies, cities or genres:

  • Myvillage
  • Touch Local
  • Freeindex
  • Viator
  • Yell

Some are more popular than others depending on the geographical areas or industries they focus on; but new on-line directories appear regularly as the internet expands.  PR for online directories is required.

Industry Focus

There are a wide number of these now available on the web and all are battling to become the site of choice.

Most have media campaigns running closely with on-line PR and advertising campaigns. 

Due to all being on-line, most will use various forms of internet advertising (paid search) to attract web users away from search engines and onto their more focused sites.  

Some sites are using TV advertising, in order to broaden the marketing reach.

Internet Focus

For these sites, public relations ties into the SEO that they have done on their sites, to boost their positions and their search ranking with Google.

Price Focus

Price comparison is very popular in today’s wold, so shopping around for PR prices is essential.  

All marketing agencies set their own fee structure, so shopping around is important.

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