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PR For Recruitment CompaniesGet Quotes On Public Relations For Your Recruitment Business

PR for recruitment companies is essential in this ever growing and increasingly competitive market sector.  

As new recruitment companies start up and established companies like Indeed continue to grow, PR for recruitment is becoming an essential marketing tool.

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UK Recruitment Agencies

The industry is a growing market and one that is highly competitive.  Not a popular sector in many ways due to the high fees involved.  

The largest employer in the UK is the NHS who are continually looking for new staff.

A necessary  one that is vitally important to many businesses and highly profitable.  A market that is being changed by online recruitment companies like Indeed. Many recruitment companies are now specialising in specific niche markets:

  • Rail
  • HR (human resources)
  • Accounts
  • Sales
  • Engineering

As recruitment agencies are now offering a far more targeted and desirable service to UK businesses, they are becoming the vehicle of choice. 

Many businesses will partner with an agency in order to attain better commission rates on employing staff.  For businesses, if they are able to broker deals with large employers that take on 100 or 1000 staff a week then this is ideal.

PR for recruitment companies helps present a positive image of the agency and helps them stand out in the busy industry.

UK Job Market

The UK is currently going through difficulty as unemployment numbers steadily rise.  Many businesses are cutting back on staff numbers as a way of cutting costs.  Many are making staff redundant due to cost cutting, so things are bleak.

The recruitment industry is still working well; but there are just a lot more candidates available than there was 5 years ago.   As immigration numbers rise, job availability goes down.

Industry Focused Media

Due to the competitiveness of the industry public relations is a appropriate marketing tool.  As it can be controlled, it is a popular choice for companies to use to encourage brand exposure and brand awareness.

Due to the size of the recruitment industry, there are many PR agencies that do have a background of working with the job sector.  

A PR agency that has recruitment marketing experience. 

It is advisable for companies to work with a PR agency that has a knowledge and background of this market.  As they will have a better understanding of how the sector works and also have established media contacts.

On-line Media

Recruitment companies are very much up on technology, as most CV’s are now e-mailed to employers, rather than posted or faxed. 

All recruitment companies have websites, normally very interactive and cutting edge, that are modern and well maintained.  Based on this many recruitment companies look towards online PR as opposed to the more traditional public relations. 

There are a wide number of targeted publications that cover the job sector (re-con, UKrecruiter etc.) however the main focus is normally for on-line public relations.

Get Multiple Quotes

We advise talking with a variety of PR agencies about a campaign, before deciding on who to use, as PR prices do vary.  

This is because PR agencies are private companies and therefore need to make profit, so shopping around for an experienced agency that offers value for money is important.  

As a price comparison website, we want to help you find the best PR company for the lowest price.  Specifically an agency that is experienced in doing PR for recruitment companies.

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