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PR For Small BusinessesPR Support For Your Small Company

PR for small businesses is essential to help them grow and develop.  

Public relations is very affordable for small companies and can be used very effectively without too much financial outlay.  

This can be an essential area of marketing during the UK recession.  The only issue really is finding the right media company for the task.  As there are so many public relations agencies in the UK to choose from, finding one that has experience in doing PR for small businesses is difficult. If your business is quite new, we do advise talking with PR agencies that know about working with new companies.  The reason is that many public relations agencies focus on big industry and larger brands.

Why PR Can Help New Companies

All small businesses are looking at how to create a media buzz.  But with limited or no funds, many are struggling for help or how to at least get on to the ladder.  

PR for small businesses is ideal.  Funding is always an issue, many new companies are uncertain whether the media is the best route.   However the media is said to be one of the best marketing tools based on cost per exposure.  

Talking to a media agency is a good idea just to get some advice on a budget campaign.  However there are a few things that can be done to generate media interest which are free.  Some are quick, some take a little time – but added together should create a good buzz about your new company.

Public Relations is all about communication and as a small business you are wanting to communicate your message to your target audience.  This is why using a public relations agency with your sector experience is so important.  The government also offers some support.

Some Things To Do Yourself.

Social Media

Social media sites such as Facebook are being used by more and more businesses.  You can quickly get a message or news update to a massive number of people within seconds, for free.  Twitter is another website that can really help get a good brand established, again for free. If used properly, social media can keep you in direct contact with everyone within your business network. 

Traditional Media

You can do your own PR in many ways.  Developing a relationship with local newspapers and media groups can be very useful if you are looking to market to your local area.  If you do a quick search on the media companies website, and have a look for any news releases or articles  You can then find a journalists name without too much difficulty. 

Give them a call or drop an e-mail to introduce yourself.  Most media and news groups are always looking for new stories and articles so you will probably be welcomed.  Especially if you are a local company with some interesting news.

If you have some news to share, for example that you moved into a new office, you have brought on a member of staff, you won an award, share it with them. 

It does not cost anything except a little time, but if the journalist is open to helping you, you may get some free press. This can also then be shared or ‘tweeted’ about in your social media networks.

On-line PR

On-line PR is very popular and is something that can be attempted individually by small businesses. 

There are on-line sites that offer free press release distribution and a few that offer paid submissions, for around £40 per press release.  As long as your article is properly formatted it should produce a good result.  It is however advised to have an agency look over the article.

Start A Blog

Blogs have been around for many years.  

However most companies tend to get them up and then not update them.  As long as you are updating your blog regularly with interesting information it will be read by search engines.  

This is good for your SEO, and for your human visitors.

All of these things are free of charge, apart from spending a little time setting them up, and a little time each month servicing them. They should make a lot of difference to your media image and the popularity of your website. However, for most small businesses, this is the issue, finding the time.  

PR for small businesses can really help, as they have the time to handle even the free marketing.

UK Public Relations Agencies

There are a number of PR agencies around the UK that specialise in helping small businesses to get campaigns up and running.  By putting together a small campaign, and gradually growing it within the media.  

This can really help small businesses to climb up the ladder of success by creating brand awareness and a media buzz.

By comparing PR prices from some local agencies, you can get a feel for what sort of campaign can be put together to fit within your budget.  It is good to work with a local agency whenever possible, as visiting them will help in building the relationship.  

This way they can get to know you, and really get behind what you are looking to do.  If they know you are local, they should work harder for you, meaning more value for money for you. As a price comparison website, we want to help you find the right agency for the best price.  

PR for small businesses is essential.  

As Bill Gates said ‘If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on PR’.

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