Can You Do Your Own PR

Can You Do Your Own PRCan You Do Your Own Media Coverage?

Can you do your own public relations, or do you need to use a Media agency?  

What makes media coverage necessary to use an agency?  It is really down to time.  If you have the time available then you can do your own public relations.  

This could be a good option doing PR for small companies.

If you are interested in public relations, then it is always worth talking to a few PR agencies to get some ideas.  Even if you do not work with one of them directly, having a ‘relationship’ with a few is always helpful.  

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Why Handle Your Own Media Relations?

It is possible for a business to handle their own public relations, as long as they have the time and a good knack for the English language then success is down to the media channels and stories.

The main thing about public relations is that it takes time, and having an eye for an interesting story.  The more interesting the story, the more effective the campaign will be.  The next is time, spending time researching the story, then writing it, then distributing it to media channels.  

Using online PR media sites like Newswire will give you a route to distribute your press releases.

What Do You Need Media For?

There are a few reasons that businesses do PR and these vary depending on the kind of company they are:

  • Brand Awareness – Such as FMCG products, they need PR to get their brands into the public eye
  • SEO – Marketing companies use the media to get higher internet rankings through keyword use
  • Communication – Military businesses need to use public relations to communicate to the public
  • Product Launches – Any business that has new products can use it as a springboard

Deciding on the reason for public relations coverage is half the battle in getting a campaign under way.  Having clear objectives will ensure that the right kind of media vehicle is used.

Keep Regular Stories In The Media

Consider some of the large companies around the UK, there are regular press releases in them, sometimes several times a day.  This is the secret to an effective public relations campaign is keeping the media wheels turning.  

By getting regular articles in the media, your business should be picked up on the media radar.

You can do your own public relations, but if you need help, just fill in the form above.

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