PR For Sports Companies

PR For Sports CompaniesGet Public Relations Support For Your Sports Business

PR for sports companies is essential mainly because sports brands are in such a competitive industry.  

The problem is finding a PR agency that has sports PR experience.  

As there are thousands of PR companies in the UK to choose from, finding an appropriate one could take time.  We always advise talking with agencies that have done PR for sports companies in the past, and work with sports brands.

Just fill in the form to get quotes from 5 local PR agencies that have experience the fitness and sports sector.

Do You Need It?

Public relations is used by different companies for different things.  UK sports is in a league of it’s own in many ways.

For companies like yours, it may needed for crisis PR, to help protect your brand, or it could be for publicity, to get new members to join.  

All areas of the sector make use of the media, including fitness foods, workout equipment manufacturers, and sportswear companies.  

Working with the media is very efficient when it comes to marketing, and can be a very useful tool in this particular market.  

Consider some of the leading brands like Nike and Reebok, they use PR to the point that they are leading sportswear brands.  Leading sports shops like JD sports use PR alongside other forms of marketing such as social media.

How Much Does Media Support Cost?

PR prices do vary, depending on the agency’s profit margins, overheads and staff costs; the cost also depends on the size of the campaign.

Choosing A Media Company

When considering using a public relations agency, it is wise to select one that has experience of working in the sector. 

There are thousands of PR agencies around the UK, and it makes good sense to select one that knows about the fitness and health industry.  

Working with an agency that has done PR for sports companies will ensure your campaign goes smoothly.  Why would you choose an agency that focuses on PR for art galleries, or some other industry sector.

Get Multiple Quotes

It is wise to get a few quotes from different agencies, so as to get different approach ideas, with different proposals and hence realistic estimates of cost.  PR prices vary from agency to agency.

As a price comparison website, we do advise shopping around as costs will vary considerably.  PR for sports companies does not need to be expensive, just effective.

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