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PR For SurveyorsPublic Relations Support For Surveying Companies

PR for surveyors is essential these days, as the industry is getting much more competitive.  

The only problem is finding a suitable media agency that has construction marketing experienced.  Knowing the construction sector is essential to PR for surveyors as they will know the construction media.  

Just fill in the form to talk with PR companies that know the construction and property market.  

The media is an essential marketing tool, not least because of the fact that you may have been affected by the slump in the construction industry a few years back now.  Marketing for surveyors is essential in order for the you to stand out in the UK surveying sector.

The UK has over 75,000 surveyors practising, according to the Royal Institute Of Chartered Surveyors statistics, which is quite a large market. This means you have a lot of competition to stand out from.

Professional Organisations For The Industry

There are a number of professional associations and trade bodies that can help you.  Often being linked to recognised trade associations gives a stamp of approval and makes a good background for any marketing campaign that is done.  Some of the trade associations would be:

  • RICS – Royal Institute Of Chartered
  • TSA – The Survey Association
  • LDSA – The London District Association
  • CQSA – The Consultant Quantity Association

Very often companies look for quality guarantees, and being associated with a reputable body does add some comfort and psychological assurance.  This is something public relations for surveyors will work alongside.

Media Options

PR for surveyors is a great marketing tool, due to it being low cost and running in the background.  PR can provide both on-line and off-line support to help to raise your profile and create brand awareness.  It is a relatively low cost marketing tool that can be used by any-sized practice.

Agencies With Industry Experience

One thing that is important is choosing an agency that knows the construction industry, or at least knows the building/property market.  

The reason is because the media agency will have established media contacts that can be quickly approached with any press articles and press releases. This should gain quicker results, rather than having the agency doing research and fact finding in order to establish contacts.

Compare Multiple Prices

The public relations prices will vary between companies, as all public relations agencies charge at their own rates; but also depending on the size of campaign that is chosen.  

It is important to obtain advice about campaigns with costings from several public relations companies.  As a price comparison website, we want to help you to get the best media agency for the lowest price.

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