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PR For UniversitiesGet Public Relations Support For Your University

PR for universities is essential for ensuring clear communication within the media.  

The difficulty is finding the right PR agency to handle the campaign.

 As there are hundreds of PR agencies around the UK to choose from, finding one that knows the education press.

Just fill in the form to obtain advice and quotations from PR companies that have experience in education and doing PR for universities.

Is Media Support Needed?

Certainly it has a number of different uses.  

For promotion and encouraging new students to register, crisis PR, perhaps to protect an institute’s reputation against issues such as drug problems, anti-social behaviour and criminal damage.

It can also be used for the promotion of new courses.  

It is a very important marketing tool which needs to be handled by an expert agency, that has education marketing experience.  

From time to time it may be necessary to get advice from the department of education, so the PR agency must know how to work with them.

How Much Does PR Cost?

This depends on a few factors, such as the particular agency that is chosen.  

As all PR agencies have different rates, the kind of campaign that is needed, and the level of representation required, in terms of the amount of time spent.  

It is wise to shop around for PR prices in order to find both an agency that knows about PR for universities and is affordable.

Choosing An Agency

There are thousands of PR agencies around the UK, ranging from freelancers up to top PR agencies in London.  

It is advisable to select an agency that has marketing experience in the education sector.  They will be better equipped to handle your campaign, not least through having already established contacts in the relevant media.

By having a look at the agencies client portfolio should give you a feel for the sector experience they have.  Maybe even talking to some of their clients.  If the clients are happy they are receiving good PR support, then they are probably a good agency to speak with.

Compare Multiple Quotes

We always advise obtaining advice from a few different PR agencies.  

As a price comparison website, we want to help you find the best agency for the lowest price.  We do encourage you talking with PR companies that are experienced in doing PR for universities.

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