Public Relations Companies In Liverpool

There are around 20 public relations companies in Liverpool.  With such a variety, choosing the right one can be time consuming.  We always advise using a local agency where possible, and one that knows your industry sector.

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Public Relations In Liverpool

There are over 20 public relations companies in Liverpool, many of which are smaller firms and freelancers scattered around the city.  Liverpool also has around 30 marketing companies that offer PR services as part of a broader range of marketing support (such as graphic design and digital marketing, web services, signage, branding etc.) to clients that need more than just PR support.

Choosing A PR agency In Liverpool

There are a great variety of public relations companies in Liverpool to select from, so businesses of any kind have a choice of flavour to select from.

When selecting a PR agency, there are a few things to consider:
Size of agency – If you are a big business, then you may need a larger PR firm.  One that has the resources and experience to support you.  If you are a small company, a freelancer will be cheaper and more flexible.

Location – Meetings play a big roll in PR.  E-mail and phone are great, but to get the most from a PR campaign you need the personal touch.  Visit them and have them visit your offices/meet your team.  This will add more value to your campaign and should result in better results.

Experience – Finding a PR agency that knows your industry, products and services is important. Asking the PR firm what other clients they have worked with (that are in a similar market/industry) will show if they know the right media groups to target. This will lead to a quicker ROI as they will already have established relationships with the journalists in order to get press releases and articles in front of prospects quicker.  Have a look through their website.  Are there any companies you recognise?  Even ask to chat to some of their clients.  If the clients are happy, then you are the right track.

Fees – All PR companies charge different PR prices, some charge per day, some per month. There are a few PR agencies around that work on a results basis (so for every article they get into target publications, a free is paid) however not many (3-4 nationally).  PR prices do vary considerably, so it is wise to shop around

All public relations companies in Liverpool are different.  So there is the need to talk to a few in order to find one that ticks all the boxes, one that you get on with and one that you can trust.

It is worth asking for recommendations and testimonials from agencies, talking to some of their current clients and finding out what they are like to work with, are they good at achieving results and are they providing a good return on investment.

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A Quick Glance At Liverpool

Liverpool is probably best known for its roll in the slave trade.  Back in the days of empire it was the gateway of wealth into Britain from the East Indies and Caribbean as slaves were transported west from Africa.  Many signs of the slave trade exist within Liverpool both in the architecture and the fabulous buildings built from the profits brought from slavery.  The iconic Liver building still stands testament to those dark days.

The first mention of Liverpool were in King John’s letters patent in 1207 refer to the town; in the 16 centaury the population was only 500.  The original 7 streets were laid out in a ‘H’ shape (Whiteacre Street, Moor Street, Juggler Street, Dale Street, Chapel Street, Castle Street, Bank Street).
After the slave trade in the 18th centaury came the Antarctic and sealing industry in the 19th centaury (at which time around 40% of the worlds trade passed through Liverpool).

RMS Titanic was registered in Liverpool (although it was build in Ireland) in 1912.

During World War II there were 80 air raids on Liverpool killing around 2500 people – as Liverpool was still an important hub of the empire.

The Beetles were from Liverpool in the 1960’s and brought the ‘Mersybeat’ to the world.

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