Advertising For Photographic Studios

Advertising For Photographic StudiosAdvertising For Your Photography Business

Advertising is very important for photography companies, as the industry is growing more competitive.  

As photography technology continues to improve and evolve.  

The problem is, you cannot really used any old advertising agency.  

This is why we advise talking to agencies that know about advertising for photographers.  If they know your industry, they will best know how to place you, how to market you and how to get you results.

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Do You Need Advertising?

Advertising is all about generating a buzz, getting your name and brand out into the market.  

Whether you are a small photography studio, or a national chain like Jessops, you will need advertising support.  

Many photographers rely on recommendations, referrals from friends; but when things drop off, advertising is needed to get new enquiries flowing.

Wedding photographers certainly need advertising.  

As many couples are now turning to friends and family as a way of cutting costs.

What Mediums Are There?

Most photographic studios operate locally (rather than nationally) therefore only really want to work with clients in a 50 mile radius (or so). 

For this reason, only a certain kinds of advertising would be needed to generate the right kind of enquiries from the right kinds of clients:

  • Radio Adverts – radio advertising can work really well, low cost and targeted geographically
  • Internet – Internet advertising is low cost, quick to set up and targeted
  • Local Advertising – Local papers, newsletters etc. can generate local custom
  • Banner Adverts – Banner and billboards may seem extreme, but can work really well to generate exposure
  • Social Media Advertising – Very new but very efficient.

How Much Would It Cost Me?

Advertising prices do not have to be expensive, certainly when it is local. 

The main costs are the costs of the agency that is selected, as all advertising agencies have their own rates and profit margins.  It is very wise to shop around and compare quotes to avoid over paying someone.

Choosing An Agency

When considering advertising companies, it is wise to use one that has done work for photographic studios in the past, that has experience of the photography sector and has a track record of success.  

Have a look through their client list, even ask to talk to some of their clients.  If the clients are happy, and successfully generating business, you have your agency.

Compare Multiple Quotes

Th best advice is to get quotes from a few agencies that know the industry, and choose the best one once you get proposals tom them.  

Like any price comparison website, we want to help you find the best agency possible, for the lowest price possible.

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