Marketing For Photography Studios

Marketing For Photography StudiosDoes Your Photographic Studio Need Marketing Support?

Marketing for photography companies is essential in this highly competitive industry.  

The problem is with so many marketing companies around the UK, finding the ‘right’ agency is challenging.

We always advise using an agency that has experience in doing marketing for photographers

Just complete the form opposite and we will help you get free advice and quotes from local marketing agencies that know about the photography industry.

Why Marketing Is Important

The photography industry ranges from being a cottage industry (freelancers that do baby pictures, wedding photos on their weekends) up to highly professional studios that handle large scale photo shoots for films, celebrities, royals.  

Mainstream shops like Jessops on the high street and Kodak.

The photography industry is growing and continuing to become more and more competitive, therefore the need for marketing becomes necessary in order to stand out in the crowd.

What Mediums Are Available?

There are many forms of marketing that are available for you to use.  

Ranging from traditional promotion, to on-line advertising.  A savvy studio will make use of a range of marketing tools to ensure wide promotion and web visibility.

Dynamic Websites

Having a good website is essential in today’s world.  But not just a website, a really good website with a modern website design and feel.  

Technology moves really fast, and people can spot an old clunky website quickly.  For this reason we suggest using an agency that focuses on website design for photographers.

But it does not stop there, as once you have your website, people need to find it on the internet.

SEO For Your Website

SEO for photography websites is very important, as a website that cannot be found is useless (no matter how good you are). 

SEO is all about getting your website more visible on the internet.  If you are not getting enough visitors to your website, SEO is what is needed.  

As photography is growing more competitive, marketing for photography needs to be more aggressive.

PPC For Your Websites

As the photography industry is growing more competitive, SEO may not be enough, this leads into paid advertising.  

Pay per click marketing for photographers is very common, simply for the reason that the industry is booming.  PPC advertising will get your website visible on the first page of search engines right away.  

Depending on the search terms you are going for, it can be a very cost effective form of marketing for photography companies.


Advertising for photographers does cover a range of different kinds of areas (radio, viral, TV) which do range in cost depending on your needs.  

Part of the core of marketing for photography companies is advertising.  This is how you get your name into the local market.  

Whether this be having an advert in the local supermarket, or post office or doing some radio advertising.

Public Relations And The Media

PR is a very effective form of marketing for photography businesses.  

As it is so affordable it can be done both at a local or a national level.  By talking with local PR agencies that currently do public relations for photographers you can get an effective campaign set up quickly.


Branding for photographers is very important, as there are so many studios around, each one needs to stand out on it’s own merits.  By talking to a branding agency, you can get a feel for costs and timescales.


Sometimes chasing business is the only way to really get it.  

Telemarketing for photographers can be a very cost effective way to generate new customers quickly. Whether this is targeting businesses or consumers, telemarketing can be a quick way to find new clients locally.

How Much Does Marketing Cost?

All marketing services(see above) are different and have different price tags attached. 

Depending on the agency selected, the price will also vary (as all agencies have different fees and profit margins) from larger agencies down to freelancers.  

Marketing for photographers does not have to be expensive, but does need to be compared.

Choosing An Agency

When considering agencies, it makes good sense to select one that has experience in working with photography studios. 

If they know about the photography industry, have worked with studios before (successfully) then they are the best choice.

Get A Few Quotes

As a price comparison website, we do suggest getting multiple quotes.  

By choosing an agency that has a background of doing marketing for photography companies, you should have an effective campaign.  

However you do not want to spend more than you need to.  

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