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Advertising for recruitment companies is important if you are to stand out in this busy and competitive industry.  

However there are hundreds of advertising agencies in the UK to choose from.  

This is where we can help, by getting you quotes from 5 local advertising agencies.

Just fill in the form to talk to advertising agencies with recruitment marketing experience.

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The recruitment sector is highly competitive, so getting good marketing exposure is essential to making your company stand out in the crowd.  

With online companies like Indeed dominating TV adverts and online advertising, it is necessary to stand out.  The sector is monitored by the financial ombudsman to ensure standards are adhered to.

What Kind Will Be Suited?

There are many forms of promotion on offer (radio, TV, social media).

  • TV: TV advertising is popular with national  agencies, as it is a shot gun approach and non specific.
  • Radio: Radio advertising is powerful for agencies (both local and national) as it can be targeted or non specific.
  • Billboard: Billboard/digital is popular with national agencies, as it is good for brand awareness.
  • Internet: Internet advertising is popular with all recruitment companies as it is quick to set up, easy to monitor and relatively low cost (when compared to more traditional advertising).
  • Magazine:  Newspapers and magazines are still popular for many large firms, but is giving way to on-line exposure.

Selecting the right kind of medium is important in order to ensure campaign success.  The wrong kind will only result in poor results and wasting money.

Choosing The Right Agency

There are hundreds of advertising agencies around the UK.  However selecting the right one is essential for the campaign to be successful. 

It is advised for recruitment businesses to select an agency that has a track record in the recruitment sector.  

An agency that has worked with the industry in the past and can justify their fees.

How Much Does It Cost?

Advertising for recruitment companies does not have to be expensive.  

If you want a local advertising campaign, or a national one, we can help you get quotes.

Advertising costs will vary depending on the kind of mediums, the duration of the campaign and the fees that the agency charge.  It is well worth shopping around and getting a few quotes to compare.

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