Advertising For Schools

Advertising For SchoolsDoes Your School Need Help With Advertising?

Advertising for schools is very important, in order to get new pupils, new teachers and expand.  

However the issue is finding the right advertising agency to select.  

As there are hundreds around the UK, which one is the right one?  

This is where we can help.  By getting you quotes from advertising agencies that have experience in the education sector.

Just complete the form opposite to get free advice and quotes from advertising companies that have experience in doing marketing for schools.

Why Should You Advertise?

As there are a lot of schools around, marketing needs to be used in a different way to commercial businesses.  

However advertising needs to be done in a specific way, to let parents know you are there.

The Department For Education supports thousands of schools around the UK, but each one needs to advertise locally.

How Much Does It Cost?

Advertising prices do vary, depending on the medium that is chosen (radio, banners, social media) and the agency that is selected (as all have different rates, profit margins etc.).  

The same campaign with different agencies can differ in thousands of pounds, so it is work comparing the market.

What Mediums Are Available?

There are many different mediums that you can use, but here are some good ones to consider:

Compare Multiple Quotes

It is wise to shop around and compare prices.  

Like any price comparison website, we aim to help you get the best agency for the best price.  

Compare prices on advertising for schools by filling in the form above.

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