Advertising For Sports Companies

Advertising For Sports BusinessesDoes Your Sports Brand Need Advertising Support?

Advertising for brands and businesses in the sports sector is essential both for marketing and brand awareness.  

However the difficulty is finding a suitable advertising agency for the campaign.  

When considering advertising for businesses and brands, we always advise using an experienced agency.  An agency that has worked in the sports sector or industry should be able to get you better results, quick and better marketing exposure.

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UK Sports Industry

The industry in the UK is possibly one of the most popular industries to use advertising.  

From TV advertising, sponsorship, radio promotion, coverage at golf tournaments, promotion at F1 races, branded sports clothing.  

From the major sports brands such as Nike, Reebok, EA Sports.  However many companies such as Emirates choose to advertise at sports events as they see the advertising opportunities.

How Much Does Advertising Cost?

Any form of marketing and promotion does not have to be expensive, there are many different mediums, some more expensive than others.  On the internet (for example) advertising is much cheaper than at the Ryder Cup. 

Selecting the right  medium and platform is important to ensure that you get the best returns.  

Another factor that effects the cost of advertising is the agency that you select.  Advertising prices do vary from agency to agency, as they set their own fees.

Selecting An Agency

When considering using promotion, it is very wise to select an agency that has experience in the sports industry. 

If they have successfully worked in the industry and can justify their prices through their track record; they are a safer bet than an agency that has no experience of the sector.  

By looking at their client list, you can see what sports brands they have.  Advertising for sports brands does take a specialist angle.  

Selecting an agency that is a specialist in food and drink advertising does not make sense.

Closing Thoughts

Advertising for brands in the sports sector needs a specialist agency.  

The costs need to be scrutinised.  A careful selection of the advertising agency needs to be done.  

Like many price comparison websites, we aim to help you find the best agency for the lowest price.

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