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Advertising for universities is essential to getting in both new students, but also in getting new teachers and lecturers.  

The problem is finding the right advertising agency, one that has experience in doing advertising for universities.  

We always advise using an agency that has either done advertising for universities, or worked in the education sector.

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UK Universities

There are around 130 universes in the UK, each in competition with the other.

You need lots of students, as lots of students means lots of fees.  For this reason, you need to use marketing to promote courses and facilities. 

It could be the local night culture that draws in new students.  It could be specialist courses (or courses that are highly acclaimed), it could be the sports  facilities (such as Loughborough university).

But all universities have something to boast to draw in new students.

You need to promote job vacancies, to draw in new proffessors or teachers, drama experts or speicalist foreign language teachers. 

These all need to be advertised either online or in local newspapers.

There are also university courses that can be done from home.  These are popular on the internet and are also advertised well.

What Advertising Mediums Are There?

Advertising for universities can be broken down into various areas.

Consider the following advertising mediums available:

  • TV – TV advertising not very popular.
  • Magazine Adverts – Efficient for  promoting courses or jobs.
  • Internet Marketing – PPC advertising is used to target new students.
  • Radio Slots – Local radio advertising is great from time to time.
  • Local Marketing – This could be billboards, flyer distribution, sponsorship.
  • Social Media – Social media marketing is popular and effective

These can be very targeted or very open depending on what specifically is being advertised.

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How Much Does It Cost?

Advertising prices do vary depending on a number of factors:

  • What medium is used (TV, radio, internet etc.)
  • What agency is selected
  • How long the campaign is set for

Choose The Right Agency For You

As there are thousands of advertising agencies around the UK, it is wise to select one that has experience in the education sector. 

Advertising for universities really needs to be handled by an industry experienced agency.  

This way agencies will be able to hit the ground running.  Being able to advise you on the best medium and getting quick results from your campaign.

Compare Multiple Quotes

When considering advertising for universities, we encourage you to shop around.  

Prices will vary dramatically as agencies set their own fees.  As all price comparison websites, we want to help you get the best agency for the lowest price.

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