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PPC for retail companies is essential as more and more people use the internet for shopping.  

With multi trillion pound companies like Amazon dominating the industry, PPC for shops is essential for getting shoppers clicking on your purchase buttons.  

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The Digital World Of Retail

Since COVID landed in 2020, online marketing has exploded, meaning the digital market place is just as active as the real world market place.

Since there are only 10 spaces on page 1 of the search engines, being visible for your products and services is essential.  Whether you are selling cosmetic products, food, liquids, cars, people have become conditioned to browsing online and buying online.

PPC advertising for shops across both search engines and social media Chanels is essential, and is very expensive.  

However compared to the static costs on a physical shop, employing staff, council rates, hearting, lighting the costs are actually much lower.

This is why so many new businesses have started up in the digital world, selling products online rather than from a hughstreet shop.

Choosing A PPC Expert

Lots of things need to be considered when choosing a PPC expert to set up and manage your PPC campaign.

  • Landing Pages

What page are you going to send visitors to?  Are there clear pictures or descriptions of your products/services?  

Different products will need different landing pages, unless you plan to send all visitors to your homepage.  

However all visitors want to go directly to what they are looking for, rather than having to click 2-3 pages to search for what they are looking for.

  • Keywords

What keywords do you want to be found for, what about negative keywords?

Most companies are selling more than one product/service, so you will need multiple campaigns set up.

  • Spit Testing

Not all campaigns are going to be effective, so you do need to test different keywords, different landing pages and test test test.  This is to ensure you get a campaign running that is effective as possible.

Also, what times of day are your customers going to be looking for you?  24hrs a day?  Weekends?  This also needs to be tested.

PPC for any retail company needs to be done with care, otherwise it could become very expensive very quickly.

Does Your Shop Need PPC?

Paid advertising is essential to shops and retail businesses in today’s world, as the internet is playing an increasing roll of people buying things. 

For many (chain stores and sole traders) having visibility on web searches will mean an increase in trade. 

Many of the main stores (Amazon, Top Shop, Debenhams etc.) have paid advertising campaigns going, and many retail companies only operate on-line due to saving money on retail space.  

As the number of people that do shopping on-line increases, having higher web traffic is growing more important.

How Much Would PPC For Shops Cost?

The cost is split into two parts, the cost of the advertising (how much you want to spend on clicks) and the cost of the management of the campaign (which goes to the agency). 

Shopping around and comparing quotes is therefore important, in order to ensure the monthly fees are kept low, and the CPC (cost per click) is also kept low.

Choosing A Paid Media Company

When considering different agencies, it is wise to select one that has got experience in doing marketing for shops.  Do they have a track record of working in the retail industry and can justify their experience with their success.

Get A Few Quotes On PPC For Shops

We can help you compare PPC costs.  We do advise getting a few proposals and quotes together to compare, in order to find the agency that can get you the best results for as little spend as possible.

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