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How much will a branding agency cost?

The UK has over 2,000 branding agencies.  Branding agency cost does come down to a few different factors.  These costs need to be considered when selecting the right agency for your business.

All agencies set their own rates and all charge different amounts for their services.

The branding agency cost comes down to the following:

  • Overheads

All branding agencies have different overheads.  Office costs, staff costs, equipment costs (tables, computers, coffee machines).

  • Profit Margins

All branding agencies are independent companies and need to make a profit.  This is for the owners/shareholders and covers the normal sort of things (house, car, holidays, school fees etc.)

With branding, you are not buying a product, you are buying someone’s time.  You are buying a service.  It is wise to do your research to ensure the end product is worth your investment.

Why should I compare quotes from branding agencies?

Despite branding agency cost varying from agency to agency, there are other reasons to compare.

  • Industry experience

All branding agencies have different marketing experience.  Some have worked in road haulage.  Some have worked in fashion.  If you are a medical business, you are best talking to an agency that has done branding for medical companies.  They will know your market and your message.

How Do I choose the right agency?

Choosing the right branding agency is really down to personal preference.  It does not just come down to price, as branding prices do vary considerably.  Branding agency cost is part of it, but the other is relationship.

Do you get on with the design firm.  Do you like the team.  Do you trust them?

We always advise meeting an agency.  Many marketing agencies make claims on their website (about being ‘award winning’ about the clients they have on their books).  A meeting gives you the chance to check out the claims the agency makes.  Virtual offices are popular these days, meeting the agency will let you know if they are working from home, or from a plush office.

What about support services

Some branding agencies just do branding.  They are a think tank, they put together your logo, your marketing message and your slogan.  Other branding companies will have additional marketing services such as website design, public relations, brochure design.  They may be a multi disciplined agency, so have more resources to back up your overall marketing, not just branding.

Does paying more mean better results?

Large brands such as Coca Cola or Pepsi spend a lot on their branding.  Even though their logo is set, their slogan is written, they still invest in branding.

If you use the same agency, will that mean you will have a successful brand?

No, all branding agencies are different.  All different sizes, all cost of branding services will vary.

It is wise to shop around using this price comparison website in order to find the best agency at the best price.

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