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Every company needs to have a brand strategy in place for their brand.  

This is not only needed for the long term goal of the marketing, but also in the short term.

 Talking to branding specialists is a good option, to get a feel for how your industry will react.

  • How will your brand be received
  • How will it be developed
  • How can it be adapted
  • How can your brand be developed?

These are all questions that any company needs to ask themselves before getting a brand in place, as you want it to go places instead of just sit there.

The first thing to do is to sit down and think, what do I want to achieve from creating the brand strategy.

The heart of success in this is not just the logo, the song on the TV advert or the marketing slogan, but the whole marketing campaign.

Planning Is Key

Consider some of the successful brands that we know of today:

  • McDonald’s

The change was quite obvious in the McDonald’s campaign, going from the Ronald McDonald image to the clean fresh ‘I’m lovin it’ campaign.  This involved changing all the adverts, the logos and theme tune and the whole image. 

It then diversified and mutated as part of the journey the company (the advertising company) was taking us on from the old brand to the one we know today. 

Chances are there was a different brandingcompany behind the switch; but it did turn an old brand that had a bad image into something new. 

The company is still the same producing the same product (generally speaking) but the brand is certainly different.

You can bet that there was planning, market research and brand strategy well before the McDonalds campaign was launched and appeared on our TV’s.

Research Is Key

Before you get things set up and running, it is important to do your research.  To see how the market is and what it will say should give you a feel for what will work and what will not work. 

Bad research means that things flops and the money invested is all for naught.

  • What Is The Industry Doing
  • What Are Your Competitors Doing
  • What The Economy Is Like
  • What The Current Campaign Is like – How To Modify Or Change

This is the point where using a market research company becomes necessary.  To see what the target audience are looking for, what your competitors are doing and how to create something winning and unique.

Planning and Positioning

The success is determined by the results it produces.  For branding companies, half the battle is in the planning and the research.  

The next part of the branding strategy is the positioning and implementation of the campaign.  This could be in the marketing campaign, the TV adverts or on internet advertising.

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