Choosing A Pr Specialist

Choosing a PR specialist is not easy, as there are many factors that come into play.  Location is an issue, industry experience is an issue, and of course cost. Once you have compared quotes and found the best PR agency to work with, there are a few things that then need to be done.  Choosing a PR specialist would be based on location, experience and (of course) price.  PR prices do vary from agency to agency and as we all know, the cheapest is not always the best.

Define your objectives for the PR Campaign

A PR agency will sit down with you and put together a roadmap (a plan of objectives to include:
  • What will the PR Agency do?
  • Who they will be targeting (media channels, web etc.)?
  • How long will the campaign last (or is it on-going)?
Having a marketing plan will help you keep track of your objectives and give you a feel for if the campaign is being successful.

On-Line PR

As the internet has developed so it has become a great platform for PR – as news spreads.  Online PR has as a result become a very popular marketing vehicle for many companies.  It is advised when talking with a PR agency to get a mixture of both on-line and off-line PR. Getting into the right publications is important as you need to be seen and heard by your target audience.  However getting up on the search engines is equally if not more important – as this is how people will find you.  For example, if you are a fashion designer in London, how will your audience find you.  By going onto google and typing in ‘fashion design London’ surely will bring up lots of pages – but you need to be on page 1.  An on-line PR campaign will help you in getting to the top.  Sites like PRweb will be used to post your articles, they may then be picked up by mainstream medias such as the Daily Mail.

PR Budget

Choosing a PR specialist involves a PR budget.  The main thing is being realistic.  PR is very effective but does require a little time and patience to work and produce results.  As is the same with most marketing it is about sowing seeds and waiting for the harvest.  It is always advised starting low and as the campaign grows, so you can keep upping your budget and increasing the exposure you are getting.  PR prices will vary from agency to agency, so it is good to talk to a few PR specialists to get different campaign ideas.

Closing thoughts

Choosing a PR specialist is not easy, as there are so many PR agencies in the UK to choose from.  Due to the variety of PR agencies dotted around the UK, comparison is necessary.  This does need to be done in order to get a range of feedbacks – but also to ensure that you are not paying over the odds.

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