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How to find an exhibition stand designer, that is the issue that many businesses face when they register for an event at the NEC or Excel.  The internet is a good place to start, the only snag is that it brings up over 23,000,000 results.  With over 300 exhibition stand designers in the UK. how do you find ‘the right’ exhibition stand designer? That is where we can help, by finding you ‘your perfect match’. To find your exhibition stand designer, we need to consider a few simple questions.

  • Where are you based?

To find an exhibition stand designer, location is always key.  It is absolutely essential that you visit the agency.  You need to know that the company is real.  They may claim on their website ‘we are the UK’s number 1 exhibition stand designer’.  How do you know?  You will need to visit them to ensure they are legitimate.

  • What Is Your Industry?

To find an exhibition stand designer, industry experience is important.  There are lots of designers in the UK, why not find an exhibition stand designer that has experience in your industry sector.  Most designers have a varied experience in the sectors that they work in.  However as people talk, the designers customers would pass on recommendations.  Therefore they would build up more customers in niche sectors.  If they have no experience in yours, then you may be missing a communication angle.

  • What about price?

All exhibition stand designers are independent companies.  They set their own fee structure, therefore are all different.  The same stand from different designers will range in price quite considerably.  It is wise therefore to shop around and compare exhibition stand design prices.

What do exhibition stand design agencies do?

You need to find an exhibition stand designer that will make your event a success.  They can help you with the following:

  • Planning

Planning your event is essential.  What event are you attending.  What floor space do you have. Do you have many exhibitions to attend?

  • Design

Your exhibition stand designer will sit down with you and look at your product/service.  They will look at at your products, and because you know your industry sector, they will come up with relevant impacting designs.

  • Build

Once the designs are set, your chosen designer will then produce your stand for you  Built to your specification they will produce exactly the stand you want and need.

  • Store & Set Up

Some exhibition stand designers will even store your stand for you.  They will deliver it to your event, set it up and take it down after the event.

Event Management

Many exhibition agencies are events management companies.  They will handle the whole process for you, from design and planning, through to driving your stand away at the end of the event. You do need to be selective though.  Not all exhibition stand  designers will manage your process for you.  Some just want to provide you with a stand, send you an invoice and then never see you again. You need to shop around to find an exhibition stand designer that is right for you..

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