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FMCG marketing is very important in this fast moving quickly changing market.

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FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) cover non durable goods that are sold quickly and are relatively low value (shampoo, drinks, food products, toiletries etc.

Marketing in this industry is huge and many of the top marketing companies use traditional media channels to market FMCG products.  Some of the leading brands you may recognise would be Heins, Warburtons and Coca Cola.

TV Advertising

The TV is probably the main marketing channel to market FMCG products (ironic due to them being the most low value) and FMCG companies take up over 50% of advertising time.  TV advertising is very popular for FMCG marketing.

There are many advertising agencies that can organise getting advertising space set up for FMCG products via TV.

Radio Advertising

The radio is used for advertising (normally for healthcare products (deodorants, makeup, perfume) as opposed to food and beverage products.  

Not as popular as TV the radio is still used as a marketing platform for many FMCG companies.  Radio advertising is a good medium for marketing.

Magazine Advertising

Magazines advertising is very popular as we all know most magazines are 50% adverts and most of these adverts are industry adverts.  There are many design agencies that can help getting adverts designed for magazines.

Internet Advertising

Industry companies have started to use the internet more and more as it has become more popular. Still relying on traditional forms of media FMCG companies are investing into more dynamic websites and PPC campaigns.  Internet advertising and shopping ads are very popular with both small and large FMCG brands.

Public Relations For Your Marketing

Public relations for FMCG companies plays an important roll.  Achieving good publicity and a positive image helps FMCG companies create a strong brand and this brand is generally what sells their products.

Brand trust is something that many FMCG companies rely heavily on; considering products such as Tetley Tea, Heinz Ketchup these are all brands that have strong PR programs to reinforce their brand strength.

The FMCG industry is a very wide and diverse global industry that can be difficult for smaller FMCG companies to break into.  

The FMCG sector tends to be dominated by the top brands such as L’oreal, Channel and Coca Cola however smaller brands can always get involved with the right sort of marketing campaign.

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