Telemarketing For Insurance Companies

Telemarketing for insurance companies is an essential marketing tool, even in the internet era.  Just fill in the form to talk with telemarketing companies that have experience in marketing for insurance agencies.

Do You Need Telemarketing?

Historically when looking for insurance the problem involved, is picking up the yellow pages and going through each company one at a time with pen poised.  This process took hours in order to find the cheapest quote and involved calling one of the call centres.   They holding in a queue and going through the same questioning process about no claims, engine size etc.

Telemarketing For Insurance Companies

Now that a lot of the quote process can be done via price comparison sites the need for calling has diminished, but not disappeared.

Telemarketing is used for a range of tasks:

  • Inbound – to handle incoming quotes
  • Outbound – to cover new sales
  • Billing
  • Complaints
  • Accident reporting
  • Admin

Telemarketing for insurance companies still plays a big roll for insurance companies.  Rather than you recruiting your own staff, training them, employing them, providing sick leave, maternity etc.  It is far easier to outsource telemarketing, to let employment issues be someone else’s problem.  Telemarketing agencies have the space to house hundreds of staff as well as handling the whole staffing procedure.

Resources For The Calling

Some telemarketing agencies are huge, with hundreds of staff available to handle campaigns of any size.  This is a perfect resource for you, that often need hundreds of calls each day to be handled.
The main issue for many companies is the resources, having the space for 100 staff to work.  There is also the factor of having telecoms in place for 100 staff, computers and an IT support team to handle 100 terminals with e-mail and web access (restricted and policed).

This is one of the main reasons for outsourcing telemarketing for insurance to a call centre.

Shopping Around For Quotes On Telemarketing For Insurance

In the same way as customers shop around for their insurance quotes, you need to shop around for quotes on calling.  Telemarketing prices do vary so it is wise to compare quotes in order to find an agency that has resource and is priced competitively to handle the calling.  There are price comparison websites for insurance such as, comparing telemarketing agencies is really no different.

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