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Advertising for insurance companies is very important, as is getting the right advertising agency.  

As the insurance industry is so competitive, standing out is key.  We always advise using an agency that has experience in doing advertising for insurance firms.

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Leading Insurance Companies And Price Comparison Websites

There are dozens of insurance companies around the UK, but here are a few of the leading price comparison websites and insurance companies:

  • Direct Line
  • Axa
  • Aviva
  • AA

The list goes on of insurance companies in the UK down to high street companies that offer a non digital touch.

Gone are the days of thumbing through the Yellow Pages, when insurance was remote.  These days insurance is now digital, but comparing quotes still takes up a lot of time once a year.

How To Market

The insurance sector is the most active of all industry sectors for advertising in the UK.  

Dominated by high street companies like Direct Line and Axa; the new competition comes from the price comparison sites like

The insurance ombudsman monitor the industry.

All advertising mediums are used by insurance firms:

TV Promotion

The most popular form of advertising in this sector has to be TV advertising. TV advertising is very expensive and you need to generate a lot of customers in order to cover the costs.  

Standing out in the industry is important, especially with all the price comparison websites also on TV.  However TV advertising is not necessary about sales, more brand awareness.

We are all used to seeing insurance adverts, from independent insurance companies as well as the well known price comparison websites such as and Compare the meerkat.

The insurance price comparison websites are the ones that tend to use TV advertising the most. 

Radio Promotion

Radio advertising is a very effective medium, as it is wide reaching around the UK. 

Radio advertising is not targeted in the way that other forms of marketing are.  However since the insurance industry looks to reach a very wide audience this makes the radio perfect.

Many insurance companies advertise on multiple radio stations, but local and national.

Spotify is also used by many insurance companies as it is targeted to location via their algorithm.

Internet Marketing

Due to the growth of the internet, the web has become a growing area of focus and development for the insurance sector. 

TV adverts are expensive and is dominated by price comparison websites; so smaller firms find competing a very costly gamble.  

For things like over 50’s insurance, insurance for women the internet works well, as most people use it for insurance quotes.

Although this can be very expensive, it is a better choice in many ways; as everyone that wants to compare quotes does go onto the internet in order to compare prices.

Type in ‘car insurance’ and the top advertising spots will be taken up by the insurance price comparison websites, since they have deeper pockets.  A click can cost up to £30.00 being the most competitive search term on the internet.

Billboard Advertising

Billboards are a popular form of advertising for the many large insurance companies and price comparison websites.

Billboards can be found right around our towns and cities as well as right across the London Underground.  They are very popular for the insurance price comparison websites to advertise on, to keep the brand in the publics eye.

Billboard advertising in prime locations such as Piccadilly Circus can be very expensive, but insurance companies can afford it.

Insurance Services To Promote

There are many different sorts of insurance services to promote:

  • Car Insurance
  • Phone  Insurance
  • House Insurance
  • Life Plans
  • Pet Insurance
  • Travel/Holiday Insurance
  • Van Insurance
  • Phone Insurance

New insurance packages are always being released.  

Making sure that whatever area of life adults are considering; there is normally a policy available to apply to it.

Insurance is all about price; more or less exactly the same product/package but differing costs depending on the company that is selected.  

This is why price comparison sites are popular with consumers, is because the one product can be searched for and prices compared in order to save time and money.

Does Your Company Need Marketing Help?

If your business needs some marketing support (whatever kind of marketing medium) then you are best talking to a marketing agency that has experience in the insurance sector.  

Advertising for insurance companies can be very expensive, we want to help your company find the right marketing company.

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