Marketing For Technology Companies

Marketing For Technology

Marketing for technology companies is very important, in order to stand out and grow in the UK and global technology markets.  However finding the right marketing agency is key, as there are so many to choose from.  We always advise talking to agencies that have experience in doing marketing for technology businesses.

Do Technology Companies Need Marketing?

Marketing is essential in the technology industry, due to the competitive nature of the market, every technology business that wants to succeed needs to get involved.  Marketing for technology companies needs to be aggressive and far reaching.  Leading technology brands would include Apple, Microsoft and Intel.  All of these use marketing for technology successfully.

What Kinds Of Marketing Is There?

There are a wide range of marketing tools available to technology companies, ranging from some that are essential, to some that are very useful.  In fact, technology companies can use all marketing services there are (almost without exception), however below are some popular forms of marketing for technology companies:

Dynamic Website

Website design for technology companies is essential, for any technology business, a website is needed either for clients to order online, or just as a point of reference.  The website needs to be modern and up to date, as most people can spot an old website or one that is poorly designed.  Choosing a good website designer is key to getting a good online presence.  Your website is your focal point of marketing for technology companies.

Advertising For Technology Companies

Advertising for technology companies is very popular, and a great way for technology companies to get themselves known in the UK market.  There are different forms of advertising available.  Radio, TV advertising and billboard advertising.  Many technology companies make use of advertising in the London tube networks, as adverts are seen by millions of people each day.

E-marketing For Technology Companies

E-marketing for technology companies is very popular and one of the most powerful of marketing tools due to its relative low cost.  E-marketing must be GDPR compliant of course, but e-marketing companies can help with marketing for technology.

Telemarketing For Technology Companies

Telemarketing for technology companies is normally linked in with e-marketing, and one of the most effective kinds of marketing.  Telemarketing can be used either for lead generation, to help hunt down new business.  Or it can be used for call handling, for incoming calls.

PPC For Technology Companies

PPC for technology companies is a very common form of marketing for technology companies.  Due to it’s relative low cost vs other forms of targeted advertising and marketing.

There are lots of other forms of marketing that technology companies can make use of, due to the range of products and services that are on offer.

How Much Would Marketing Cost?

The cost of marketing really does depend on what discipline of marketing is used (see above).  As each marketing service has a different price associated with it depending on the size of the marketing campaign, and the agency that is selected.  All marketing companies have different rates and profit margins, so shopping around and comparing prices is essential.  Marketing for technology companies does not need to be expensive, but does need to be compared.

Selecting A Marketing Company

When considering marketing companies, there are tens of thousands to choose from.  It is advised to select one that has experience in working with the technology sector.  One that has worked in the technology industry before and knows the market.  They should be able to get better results quicker, meaning a better return on investment.  For this we do advise meeting the agency.  You can then ask about their specific technology experience.  If possible, try and talk to some of their clients.  If the clients are happy, then you should be.

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