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Compare Quotes And Get Marketing Help TodayDoes Your Company Need Marketing Help?

Many UK companies do struggle with marketing and need marketing help.  

Whether you are a small business or already have an established one, having a a strong online presence is essential.

Either by finding the right form of marketing, or by finding the right agency to do the marketing.  

Finding the solution can be difficult. Marketing is meant to raise your brand awareness and build a pipeline of qualified leads that turn into sales. But getting the word out can be challenging when running a small business.

Many businesses rely on internal staff, or marketing interns who give advice.  Some turn to google and look for help forums or marketing experts.

This however can result in the wrong ‘type’ of marketing being considered, or the wrong approach.

Expert Support for Small Companies

What is marketing all about, how does it work?  Many small companies approach us looking for marketing help.  

If you need marketing for your funeral home, this is something finding an experienced expert can help with.  

This could be getting up on the search engines, or getting more visitors to come from their website.  It could be generating sales or appointment setting.  Whatever it is, the ‘right form of marketing’ needs to be used. For new companies, getting momentum can be very challenging.  

The internet is well established, so a new business (with a new website) will start at the bottom.  

Gaining ranks on the major search engines will take time and money, there is also no short cut.  So another option is using social media marketing.  

Whether this is free advertising by doing competitions on Facebook, or sponsored advertising.

Expert Support For Larger Businesses

Help for larger businesses is just as important as it is for smaller companies.  

Normally as larger companies are investing more.  There is also the branding to consider.  If the wrong form of marketing is chosen, then this could have a negative effect on a brand.

 So choosing the correct form of marketing is essential. Using a marketing consultancy is wise, to view the marketing strategy.  

To view the brand with ‘outside eyes’ to ensure that the correct form of marketing is selected.

Some Helpful Marketing Tips

We have put together some marketing tips for you to cross off your checklist:

  1. Know Your Audience – Try not to be too broad in your market.
  2. Know Your USP – How do you stand out from your competition?
  3. Be Focused – Marketing can take you in different directions, focus on your targets.
  4. Aim For The Short Term – Strategies like SEO take time and money.  Focus on short term.
  5. Focus On What Works – If you see something producing results, focus on that.
  6. Focus On Customers – It costs 5 times more to get a new customer than upsell existing ones.
  7. Use Free Options – Using free marketing tools like social media is wise where possible.
  8. Invest In Your Website – Your website is your virtual shop window.
  9. Use Your Blog – Search engines love new content, blogging is a great tool.
  10. Use Social Media – Social media is free and very popular.
  11. Consider Influencers – The lockdowns created social media influencers, maybe they can help.
  12. Short Form Video Content – Video content on Youtube and Tik Tok is popular.
  13. Regular Social Media Posts – Being regular is wise, not necessarily daily.
  14. Advertise – Short term PPC advertising will quickly get you enquiries.
  15. E-Mail Marketing – Most of us prefer contact via e-mail, nurturing leads can be done via e-mail.
  16. CRM – Nurturing leads via a content management system will help you keep track.
  17. WOM – Word of mouth marketing is still powerful in the digital age.
  18. Connect With Local Businesses – Contact with local businesses can be very useful.

What Is Your Brand’s Identity?

What do you feel your companies brand represents?  What do other people think?

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, has described a company’s branding as “what other people say about you when you’re not in the room”.

We are emotional creatures, we pay particular attention to our connections and communications with other people.

We might heed to a dress code to a particular event, or change the tone and language if we are speaking with a small child.

It would be amazing to think that someone said how much he or she loved your style or said what a great person you are. Now, imagine what people would say about your business.

A consistent brand identity will make you look more professional and help you attract new customers.

Your Website Is Your Main Investment

Investing in your website is important; we live in a digital world these days and pretty much everyone will go to your website as a first step.

Today, the majority of Google searches are done on mobile devices. As such, making sure your site looks clean and is easy to navigate when someone enters it on their smartphone is essential.

Some websites are ‘responsive’ and they will automatically update to new software updates.  Older websites will need to be updated via a website developer.

Get Help Today

Historically with marketing in 2019, finding an agency is easy.  

We do advise outsourcing your marketing to an expert rather than try to tackle it yourself.  

Just let us know what area of marketing you need help with and we will support you by pointing you in the right direction.  

Just fill in the form to get free marketing help and marketing quotes.

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