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Were You Considering Using Offshore Telemarketing?Compare Quotes On Offshore Telemarketing

With hundreds of agencies in the UK, why are you considering using offshore telemarketing?  

There are obviously cost benefits with offshore telemarketing, but there are lots and lots of downsides.  

Price comparison for this can be done to ensure you get the cheapest telemarketing agency that is the best agency.  

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from experts in the UK that can compete with overseas agencies.

Some people like the idea of sending work overseas and some people do not. There are pros and cons to sending it away.

Pros Of Offshore Telemarketing

  • It is a lot cheaper to use call centers outside of the UK
  • Normally companies offshore have more resource available
  • The customer will never know

Cons Of Offshore Telemarketing

  • There could be language/dialect issues (if you are not from the UK, slang will be a ?)
  • Difficult/Impossible for face to face review meetings
  • No handle on quality

The main reason that the UK public do not like the idea of it is because it is costing UK jobs.  However consider some of the following areas we have outsourced for reasons for saving money:

  • Manufacture
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Arms Supply/Weapons
  • Food
  • Power/Fuel
  • Clothes
  • Alcohol
  • Cigarettes

The list goes on; anything from toy manufacture to electronics is sourced from other countries, the UK manufactures/produces very little now. 

Why should marketing be the exception?

IT support is also very expensive for companies to find, train, maintain and retain staff. 

Considering all other things involved with employment (sickness, holidays etc.) it is an expensive process; and if cheaper options are available, then why not use them. 

All other industries do, and if the quality is better, and cost cheaper, then it is only logical?

Many banks, computer companies, mobile phone companies outsource work offshore and the reasons are the same.

How Does Offshore Telemarketing Work

Offshore telemarketing works in exactly the same way as UK calling. 

You would get quotes in from various offshore agencies, visit them (if possible) and then get a trial campaign set up.

There are risks with using an overseas supplier, but they are the same for any company whether it is for food, clothes, computer products or marketing.

The main issue for many UK businesses would be quality, the quality of agents and how their English is. 

However considering that a high proportion of the UK workforce is from outside of the UK (and has accents, language problems/understanding) the same problems can occur in using a UK agency.

How Much Does Offshore Telemarketing Cost?

Using a telemarketing company from overseas is cheaper than using one in the UK.  

However like all things, telemarketing prices will vary from agency to agency.  

Rather than spending time going through Google, let us help.

It is always good to compare costs as all marketing agencies set their own rates, so that the best solution for the best price can be found.

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