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PPC Marketing For ArchitectsCompare Quotes On Pay Per Click Advertising For UK Architectural Practices

As most people use the internet to find anything these days, PPC advertising for architects is an essential marketing tool.  

Whether you are a leading architectural practice, or a freelancer,

PPC for architects is a quick and efficient form of marketing.  Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from PPC companies that know the construction and property market.

Do You Need To Use It?

As there are so many of you in the UK (which is a consequence of the housing boom in the 90’s and early 2000’s) all competing for very similar search phrases on the internet.  

There is the very likely chance that a very small selection of you will get lots of traffic (the ones that are on page 1 for their keywords) while the rest get very little.

A quick way to short cut the competition is by using paid advertising so as to appear on page 1 for any desired search term.  

PPC for architects can be set up and running within a few hours, generating you enquiries.

The process is quite simple.  Each time a visitor clicks on an advert/link you have, a small fee is paid to the search engine.  This is for the privilege the visitor is on your website (and will hopefully make an enquiry/order).

It is a great way for you to gain targeted visitors from the internet.  Rather than investing significant amounts of time and money into SEO and gaining a position in the organic listings (with the other thousands of your competitors).

Choosing An Agency

As with many businesses, there are thousands of different paid advertising agencies around to choose from.  Some based in the UK, some in India, some in Europe.  

Many of these companies offer ‘award winning services’ and ‘google adwords approved‘ making it hard to select the best company from the crowd.  

Selecting an agency for you needs to be done with consideration as to their track record of doing marketing within the construction sector in the past.  Have they worked for many companies like you?  

We do advise using an agency that has done marketing for architects in the past.  Do they know the UK architectural sector?

Meetings are not necessary when choosing an agency, however experience is something that is important.

The main thing to consider is results.  What are they like at producing profitable results.  Are they quick and do they offer any kind of guarantees?

Compare Multiple Prices

All UK pay per click agencies are independent businesses that are there to make profit from the clients they work with.  

They all set their own PPC costs, which vary considerably.

This is how they pay for cars, houses, holidays, plush offices and company days out.  

For this reason, shopping around and comparing quotes is necessary to avoid overpaying someone and adding to their bottom line.

Choosing someone with industry experience is important, but getting one that can produce quick results for a low price is even better.

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