PPC For Nurseries

PPC Marketing For NurseriesWould Your Nursery Benefit From A Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign?

PPC for nurseries is essential to being found by new customers.  

Since most people will use the internet to find a nursery for their children.  

Just fill out the form to get quotes from local PPC companies that know the childcare and nursery industry

Do Nurseries Need To Use It?

More and more people these days are using the internet to find a local children’s nursery, and this is growing.

For this reason, having a good internet presence is becoming more and more important. Appearing naturally on google is good.  

However paid advertising can only serve to reinforce the message that you are right for them and strengthens the brand awareness of your nursery.

What Is Involved?

PPC for nurseries is not to complex, as it only involves a few select keywords based around a geographical area/town and county.  

For this reason, setting up a campaign should be fairly quick.  

The trick is getting the cost per click (CPA) as low as possible.  The cost per click is based around the competitiveness of the search word/phrase.  

The more popular the word/phrase, the more expensive it will be.  PPC costs are based on the fees charges by the agency, and the cost per click (paid to the search engine).

How Much Would It Cost?

The cost of is broken down into two parts:

  • The cost of the advertising (the clicks) that goes to the search engine
  • The cost of setting up and monitoring the campaign (which goes to the company)

The CPA (cost per click) does vary depending on a number of factors (the bid cost, the relevance of the landing page etc.).  This is something the company works at getting as low as possible.  

The monthly retainer will vary with each company, so it is worth looking around and comparing quotes.  

Therefore selecting an agency for your nursery needs to be done with care to avoid high fees.

Choosing A Paid Media Agency

As there are thousands of agencies around the UK, it is best to select one that has experience of doing marketing for nurseries.  

This way they should understand what is involved and get quicker results.  

Working with someone local is always best.  They tend to deliver better results that an agency that is hundreds of miles away (or in another country).

Get Multiple PPC Quotes

PPC for nurseries does not have to be expensive.  It is wise to get a few quotes to compare, to check experience and prices, so just fill in the form.

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