PPC For Taxi Companies

PPC Marketing For Taxi Companies

Compare Quotes On Pay Per Click Advertising For UK Taxi Firms

Most people use either a smartphone or the internet to find a taxi company these days, as such PPC for taxi companies is very important.  

Being found quickly online will ensure customers come to you rather than a competitor.  

Just fill in the form to get free quotes and advice from local PPC companies that know the taxi industry.

Do Taxi Companies Need To Use Paid Advertising

It is unfortunately a very necessary marketing tool for many companies these days.  Since the internet has very much become the leading platform in advertising and marketing for almost all areas of industry.

The first page for chosen keywords/search terms is where all businesses are all aiming for.  However there are only 10 places whereby companies can get listed (and for these, it is really the top 4 that are sought).

The only other option for taxi firms is to use paid advertising in order to short cut the competition and get onto the top of the page in front of where customers will be looking (as people very rarely go past page 1 of web searches).

It should be quick to set up a campaign, as keywords are limited to the geographical area and requirements.

Paid advertising is a great way for cab firms to attract new clients one at a time.  The process being that each time a prospect clicks on the advert, a one off fee is paid to the search engine and the site gets a relevant client.

This form of marketing is used by many taxi companies in the UK.

Things To Consider

PPC advertising for taxi companies does require some experience with private hire, so the agency have a good knowledge of the kind of keywords that users will select.

Some things to consider would be to allow time for the campaign to ‘settle in’, in terms of giving the agency a few months to set multiple campaigns to run side by side.

Google has a ‘learn phase’ where by if you set up or modify a campaign, the search engine gives 14 days for the algorithm to get to know your campaign.  This is a fairly new feature, we advise setting your budget very low during the learn phase.

Conversion tracking needs to be set up on all PPC campaigns, this is something a quality & experienced PPC agency should know about.

Get some feedback on your landing pages, each keyword should go to an appropriate landing page rather than channeling all visitors to your home page or contact page.

Choosing An Expert PPC Company

Paid adverts work in a different way to local advertising, PR or offline marketing, in that using a local company is not as important as other marketing disciplines.

The problem however is that there are thousands of PPC companies to choose from in the UK, and thousands more overseas (in India, USA).

It is wise to select one that has worked on campaigns for cab companies in the past  and has been successful).  One that knows about taxi marketing is much more likely to do an effective job than a paid advertising company that has no experience.

They would all have their client listed showing the experience they have.  So it would be a case of flicking through this in order to get a feel for the kind of campaigns they have handled in the past.

A further piece of advice is to ask to chat to some of the current clients, to ensure that they are getting the results they need rather than loosing money.

Compare Costs On PPC For Taxi Companies

All pay per click agencies set their own PPC prices vary based on their profit margins.  As all are private companies are do seek to generate profit (which is what pays for cars, clothes, holidays).  

Don’t be fooled by agencies being the ‘number 1 agency in the UK’ or a ‘google approved partner‘.  

Just because they make these claims does not guarantee they will be right for you.

In today’s world, shopping around and comparing costs is necessary in order to avoid overspending (something that no-one wants).

The advice would be to get 3-4 companies that have experience, compare their fees and choose the best one (not the cheapest, but the best value for money).

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