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There are over 20 PR agencies in Brighton ranging from freelance journalists up to larger marketing agencies that offer public relations as part of a portfolio of marketing services.  

In addition there are several PR companies in Brighton that work in specific market sectors

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Local Firms

As the economy of Brighton has grown and the student population has also boomed.  

Many new agencies have sprung up in recent years, meaning there are now over 50 marketing agencies in Brighton and the Hove area. 

All PR companies are unique and each have a varied background and experience of clients they serve.

For companies based in and around Brighton, it is good to work with a local agency.  On the grounds that a face to face meeting is more affective than an exchange of e-mails and ‘phone calls. 

Working with someone local should provide more value for money.  Something that all companies are looking for during times of recession.  Local companies tend to work harder as a result of local loyalties and reputation.

Should you need web support, there are many website designers in Brighton that could help.

Industry Experience

One crucial factor we suggest is the agency’s background in your industry.  Are they a member of the CIPR or another industry body?

There are many of PR companies in Brighton that can support you.  So selecting one that has a background of activity in your market, product and services is a wise thing. 

They should have established contacts within the industry media circles, you would need to approach.  Meaning that your articles should get published quicker, leading in turn to a quicker ROI.

Compare Prices

All PR agencies in Brighton charge differently, as they are privately owned, based on their size, overheads and experience.  

So it is sensible to compare PR prices to get a feel for what the average cost should be.  The cheapest agency is not always the best, but paying over the odds does not necessarily mean that you will get the best coverage. 

Finding a local expert, that knows your industry, and is cost effective, should give you the best solution.

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Overview Of The Town

Brighton and Hove is an ancient town with a varied and colourful past. 

A popular holiday destination in the post-war years, it has grown to become a cultural centre.  

Boasting two universities (Brighton University and the University of Sussex) and numerous colleges. 

The city really took off in 1850 when the town bought King George IV’s Royal Pavilion from Queen Victoria, and since then the city has grown both culturally and economically.

Economically tourism and commerce play a major part, and the town is home to several major companies.  

According to statistics, there are just over 200,000 people in the town.

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