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There are around 20 PR agencies in Chichester.  Most of these are smaller marketing companies and some freelance journalists.  

Additional to this are some 20 marketing agencies that offer public relations as part of a range of marketing services to larger clients.  

Services such as graphic design, web design services and advertising.  

There are in addition around 5 PR companies that work in specific industry sectors.  There are many more PR agencies in Portsmouth that may be useful to talk with?

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Selecting A Company To Work With

For businesses based in and around Chichester, it makes sense to use a PR agency that is local.  Rather than one that may be hundreds of miles away.  

The main reason being the chance to build a relationship, which is obviously important in PR.  Also for the agency to get to know your business in depth, as opposed to just reading your website or sales literature.

Meetings also give you the opportunity to form your own impression about the agency.  To get to know the staff and to determine their knowledge of your industry.

The importance of experience with public relations cannot be overstated.

If the agency already has experience of your market, then they will very likely have established media contacts in place.  They will therefore be in a position to get the campaign up and running quickly.

You can put together a PR brief together, giving your campaign structure.

Compare Quotes

All PR agencies in Chichester are independently privately owned businesses.  

They are able to set their own fees, whose aim of course is to make profit.  As such, there is the need to compare quotes from some of the local agencies around the city.

Generally larger PR agencies in Chichester will charge more for a campaign.  On the basis of their overheads being higher than smaller firms or freelancers.  

Also any specialist expertise they can lay claim to.  Finding an experienced and competent PR agency is important; however no business should pay over the odds.

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Chichester At A Glance

It is a medieval city in the county of  West Sussex has a long history.  Some of the oldest buildings in Great Britain are in Chichester, notably a magnificent 11th century cathedral.

The current city centre has criss-cross shaped streets, which are built on the pre-existing Roman streets that have a north south east west layout.  

The Domesday Book of 1086 records the city as having 300 dwellings and 1500 residents.  

After the historic Battle Of Hastings in 1066, it was handed to Earl Roger de Mongomerie for his contribution to the battle.

Chichester and its surrounding district has a population of 113,000 (according to government statistics), and much of the economy is related to the harbour and marinas, including boat building and tourism.

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