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There are over 15 PR agencies in Portsmouth, mainly smaller firms that will serve SME’s and smaller businesses. 

There are a few larger marketing companies in Portsmouth that will offer PR as a sub-service, along with other marketing services such as graphic design, printing and advertising.  

There are also PR agencies in Chichester just along the coast that may be suitable?

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from local PR agencies in Portsmouth that know your industry sector.

Selecting A Local Contact

Owing to there being such a wide variety of PR agencies in Hampshire and around Portsmouth, it makes sense to use a local agency as opposed to one from an advert on Google that is far away.

The main reason is that if the firm is local a meeting is relatively simple to organise, without the need to take a day or two out of the office, possibly having to book it weeks in advance.

By working with a local agency, there is an opportunity of forming a relationship and loyalty that there would not be possible with someone who is based perhaps 200 miles away.  There is an accountability which is more likely to yield good results.

Another factor to consider is the background of your industry and whether or not the agency has worked in your particular market before.  

They need to know their way around, know how the sector works, and who your competition might be.  

By having established contacts within media circles, the firm should achieve quicker results, and in turn show a return on investment at an earlier stage in the campaign.

There are in addition many web designers in Portsmouth should you need web support.

Compare Quotes

PR prices will vary, so it is worth comparing a few local PR companies in Portsmouth to ensure that you are not spending more than you need to.

They are not much more expensive than PR agencies in Southampton or anywhere else around Hampshire; it is the size of the agency that affects their rates. 

Generally the larger they are, the larger their staff cost; the more expensive their offices, the higher the overheads they have.

Portsmouth At A Glance

It is known for its naval history; for the Mary Rose which sank just off its banks on its maiden voyage, and for it housing HMS Victory which was Lord Nelson’s flagship at the battle of Trafalgar. 

It was the first British city to be bombed by a Zeppelin in the First World War, and was heavily bombed during the Second World War as a result of its naval importance. 

Today it has a booming population of over 200,000 people according to council data, including the well acclaimed University, and of course Pompey FC (Play up Pompey!).

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