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There are around 25 PR agencies in Doncaster many of which are smaller firms and freelancers.  The larger PR companies can be found in larger towns, such as Sheffield or Leeds nearby.  

In addition the town has some 30 marketing companies that offer public relations as part of a range of services that compliment PR.  Services such as graphic design, web development and digital marketing.

 As most of the PR companies in Doncaster are start-ups and smaller studios, they tend to work locally and operate more on word of mouth for generating new clients.

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Choosing A PR Company

For any business, working with an agency that is local is better than one that is hundreds of miles away.  

As there is the ability to meet with them and have those so important face to face discussions.

Selecting a PR agency that has industry experience is also something that is essential.  

As they will know which media groups to target, and already have established relationships with key journalists.  So they will be able to get your articles and press releases set up quickly.

Before deciding on which of the PR agencies in Doncaster to work with, it is wise to visit their offices.  To get a feel for how they work, and to meet the team.  

This should give a good indication as to how they operate, and give a sense of their credibility. 

Asking for testimonials from recent or current clients is also wise, by way of ensuring that they can produce results and deliver a good ROI,

Should you not be able to find a local PR firm, there are lots of PR agencies in Sheffield that can help and meetings should not be a difficulty as it is not too far.  

Website designers in Doncaster work well to support a media campaign through the web and social media.

Compare PR Prices

All PR agencies in Doncaster charge different PR prices depending on their size.  

The larger agency tending to charge more because of higher costs; and experience.  

Established PR agencies in Doncaster will tend to charge more based on their track record. PR can be a difficult thing to get a good price for.  

At the end of the day if the agency is able to deliver a good campaign, yielding quick results, then whatever they charge is money well invested.  

However no-one likes paying over the odds.  Some agencies charge on a pay as you go basis, some charge a monthly retainer, so it is worth making comparisons.

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A Few Words About Doncaster

Situated to the east of Sheffield, Doncaster is a large town having a population of 300,000 according the council stats.  

It can boast a history dating back to Roman times when a fort was built at a crossing on the River Don and the town grew from the first century onwards.

However growth really occurred during the Industrial Revolution, thanks to the coal industry, which fuelled growth and prosperity in the area.  

Sadly, the area was hit by the closure of the coal mines under the Thatcher government in the 1980’s leading to a decline in economy.

In the 21st century the area is re-inventing itself as it diversifies from the manufacturing side, into financial services, tourism and leisure industries.

The coal industry decline is still very obvious and has left a mark both in the landscape and in the spirit of the area.  However Britain has always been a nation that has adapted to change, so onwards and upwards.

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