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There are over 40 PR agencies in Sheffield, some of medium size and some smaller.  

It has a strong marketing community and many agencies offer public relations as part of a broader range of marketing services.  These may include services such as digital design, web development, and direct marketing.  

Many marketing companies favour the city as it is quite centrally based and a cheaper location than Leeds or Manchester in which to be based.  

There are in addition several PR companies in Sheffield that work in specific industry sectors.

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Choosing Someone

There is quite a selection of skills and experience in Sheffield.

With solo firms and marketing companies, businesses have a choice of around a hundred agencies locally, plus many hundreds more just outside Sheffield.

Choosing a local firm is better than one that is at the other end of the country.

It is good to meet with the company frequently in the early stages, so that they get to know you, your business and your products/services. 

This is essential if they are going to communicate your message with understanding and authority.  It also gives you a chance to put together a PR brief.

Many firms opt to work via e-mail or phone, for the unfortunate reason that they can service more clients if they are not tied down in meetings; quantity vs quality. 

In today’s world of economic downturn and recession, all companies need to ensure that they are getting as much value for money out of their marketing agencies as possible.  

Website designers in Sheffield can support your PR campaign through the internet and social media.

Compare Quotes

All PR agencies in Sheffield tend to charge different rates depending on their size, location and experience. 

Larger firms charge more as they have a larger payroll, more directors taking dividends, expensive offices and higher profit margins.  However larger agencies do have more experience, more facilities and often more clout, so it is a case of balancing up the pros and cons.

It is obviously very wise to shop around and compare PR prices from local firms, to get an idea of what the average kind of cost is going to be.

Some agencies will agree to charge on results, but sadly not that many; some work on a monthly retainer, and some require contracts to be signed. It follows that the selection process is not one that should be rushed.

Despite there being plenty of agencies around the city, there are a good number of PR agencies in Doncaster (just down the road) that may be able to help.

A Few Words About Sheffield

It was placed on the world map by its steel industry and the boom years that the industrial revolution brought to the city.  

Situated in the foothills of the peak district, Sheffield is a blend between urban and rural life offering a more or less perfect location for anyone.

It has a strong education foundation, with the University and numerous institutions spanning the legal, medical and engineering sectors.  

Current stats show the population to be around half a million. It has around half a million inhabitants and this is growing year on year as the economy in the city grows. 

The Park Hill development in the 1950’s & 60’s has caused some controversy, as some see it as an eyesore and some as a national heritage. 

English Heritage took on Park Hill as Europe’s largest listed building and are seeking to regenerate it into something that the city can be proud of.

It is hoped that this development will be completed by 2017.

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