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There are around 10 PR agencies in Halesowen, most of which are smaller consultancies.  

In addition there are some 20 larger ‘full service’ marketing companies that offer public relations as part of a larger range of services to big businesses.  

There are also a few PR companies in Dudley that focus on specialist industry sectors.  

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from PR companies in Halesowen that know your industry.

Choosing A Local Firm

Businesses that are based in the area have the choice of working with a local firm, or with PR agencies in Birmingham of which there are hundreds.

Working with a local PR company in Halesowen has the advantage of easily being able to arrange meetings.  Both to appraise the agency before the campaign starts, allowing an opportunity to get to know the team,  see where they work, understand their working practises; and talk about the campaign, and later to arrange follow up meetings to discuss progress and performance.

As well as locality, when choosing a public relations company you should also consider their experience; do they know your industry.  Do they know how your market place works; and what is needed in order to get you from A to B in the most economical and speedy way?

Compare Prices From PR Agencies In Halesowen

In today’s society, with so many retailers, it has become necessary to shop around to compare prices.

This applies to everything we buy, and marketing skills are no exception; all companies are looking at ways of saving money where possible. 

PR costs vary from agency to agency because there are no standard rates, all agencies set their own fees depending on a number of factors including their own costs, therefore comparing prices is something that is essential.

There are lots of PR agencies around the Midlands to choose from.  For free advice and quotes, with no obligation,  just fill in the form.

A Few Words About Halesowen

It is in the West Midlands just south of Dudley and south-east of Birmingham.  The Domesday Book of 1086 records it as being larger than Birmingham.  At that time it was known as ‘Hala’ meaning ‘remote valley’, until it was gifted by King Henry II to Welsh Prince David ‘Owen’, when it became Halesowen.

The village, as it was at that time, remained small until the Industrial Revolution brought the manufacture of nails and coal mining into the area, around 1893.  These days Halesowen is part of Greater Birmingham, having been incorporated in 1972, and has about 60,000 inhabitants according to council stats.

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