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There are around 20 PR agencies in Hitchin, ranging mainly from freelance consultants that work from home, up to smaller agencies that work from rented offices.  

Hitchin has some 15 larger marketing companies in addition, that offer public relations services along with a wider mix of marketing services, such as graphic design and web services.  There are also several PR companies in Luton that focus on specific industry sectors.

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Selecting A Firm

Working with a local agency is always better than one that is hours drive away.  Mainly for the relationship and control you have over how the campaign goes.  

Companies normally work harder for local businesses.  For the reason that there is an accountability that there is not with one hundreds of miles away.  They also have the chance to visit your offices/site, get to meet your staff and really come to understand your business.  

Choosing a company that knows your market is also a wise move, as they will already have established connections and know what publications to talk to regarding your press releases.  Since knowledge is power, if they know your industry, they should be able to get you better results quicker.

Compare Costs

As the recession is still very much affecting UK businesses, it is wise to shop around and compare PR prices. 

All PR agencies in Hitchin are different and will quote different rates for media services, depending on their overheads.  But also on the basis of other factors, such as their level of expertise in a given sector.

A Glance At Hitchin

It is a small town situated just north of London in the County of Hertfordshire.  It was first mentioned back in the 7th century as a place of the ‘Hicce people’, which is a name in Brittonic rather than Old English and derives from a word meaning ‘dry’, thought to be a reference to the small stream that runs through the town.  It is mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086 as being a Royal Manor.

A claim to fame is for having experienced the largest hailstones in recorded history, when in 1697 hailstones fell which were over 4 inches in diameter!  A random fact is that in 1960, the ‘black bin bags’ were first introduced for refuse collection.  Hitchin has a little over 30,000 inhabitants and a mixed variety of industries.

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