PR Agencies In Kidderminster

PR Agencies In Kidderminster

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There are around 20 PR agencies in Kidderminster, mostly being smaller agencies and freelance copywriters that take on projects from local businesses.  

Additional to these, there are some 15 larger marketing companies in the town that offer public relations as part of the mix of marketing services, such as graphic design, web services and advertising.  

In addition there are several specialist PR companies in Worcester that offer a specific industry focus.

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Choosing A Local Company

It is always advisable for businesses to choose a local agency rather than one that is located hundreds of miles away.  Even though lines of communication are good these days, and so much can be achieved using e-mail and telephone, a face to face meeting brings many benefits:

  • Understanding

At a face to face meeting, companies have the chance to get to know the agency, meet the team and appreciate how they work.  It also gives a chance for the agency for focus 100% on you, to understand your company, industry and objectives of running the campaign.

  • Sector Experience

At the meeting you can get a feel for how well the agency knows your industry, how much work they have done previously within your market; do they know about your competitors; and do they know how to present you to the market place?

  • Reviews

Review meetings are always worthwhile, both to look at performance and to set new targets and objectives. The firm will push for results if they know they have to meet with you and explain what they have done with your marketing budget.

There are many  PR agencies in Birmingham in addition to the many around the town, so if a suitable agency cannot be found locally, then Birmingham is local enough to consider.

Compare Costs Today

All PR agencies in Kidderminster offer different rates, this is dependent on their size, their client base  and profit margins.  As the credit crunch is still effecting many companies around the Midlands and as much industry has left the area, there is a clear need to get value for money wherever possible.  

PR prices are set by each agency, so it is wise to shop around as prices vary considerably.

A Few Words About Kidderminster

It is a town situated just south west of Birmingham. Although first populated by the Anglo Saxons and tribes of Husmerae, it was referred to in the Domesday Book of 1086 as ‘Chedeminstrer’.  

This was because of there being a monastery in the area.  It was known for its carpet industry, and the local newspaper ‘The Shuttle’ is named after the shuttles used on the looms within the industry.  The town has some 60,000 inhabitants (according to council data), and a variety of industries can be found in the town including the carpet industry, luxury boats and manufacture.

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