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There are around 20 PR agencies in Kings Lynn, mostly small agencies that work locally along with a number of freelance PR consultants.  There are in addition many marketing agencies in Kings Lynn that offer PR along with other marketing services (such as website design, animation etc.).

There are around 50 PR agencies in Norfolk all together.

There are a few specialist PR companies in Kings Lynn that work in specific industry sectors.  There are larger PR companies in Norwich though if you needed a larger agency?

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Choosing Someone Local

For businesses in the area, it is always recommended to select locally; partly for the ability to meet with them regularly, but also as there is usually more loyalty working with local suppliers.  

Having an initial meeting before starting your campaign is essential, so that the agent knows your business set-up and services in depth; but also so you can get a feeling for the agency.  

Having review meetings is also important, once the campaign is under way, to discuss progress and set key performance indicators for them to reach.

Since COVID has changed the way we now live, a ZOOM meeting is another option.

Another important factor is experience; working with a expert who knows your industry will get you quicker results.  They will have a better idea of how to position you in the industry, and in addition they will have established contacts within media circles.

Compare Costs

There are no standard rates, so all PR agencies in Kings Lynn charge different PR prices for their campaigns.  

Generally speaking smaller consultants/freelancers charge less that established agencies, on the grounds of smaller overheads.  On the other hand it your business has a wide market, possibly international, a larger agency would be needed.  

Whatever the width of campaign you are looking to launch, it is essential to get a range of advice and compare prices.

A Glance At Kings Lynn

Situated in Norfolk, it is on the east coast of England.  The origins of the name of this market town is uncertain but is said to have derived from ‘Lynn’, which in Anglo Saxon means ‘body of water’.  

Owing to its location, it has a background in agriculture and maritime trade; in the 16th Century it was exporting grain, and in the 17th Century it was importing wine from Spain.  

Daniel Defoe in the 18th Century commented that ‘it is beautiful and well situated’.  

Today, Kings Lynn has a population of just under 50,000 (according to council data) and an economy based on seafood and fishing, with a small sprinkling of glass works, engineering and service sector businesses.

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