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There are around 30 PR agencies in Leicester, many of which are smaller public relations agencies and freelancers working from home.  

Leicester does have around 40 marketing agencies that offer public relations services as part of a wider range of marketing support.  

There are in addition several PR companies in Nuneaton that deal with specific industry sectors.

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Choosing A Local Agency

As there are so many PR agencies in Leicester to choose from, selecting the right one can be difficult.  There are plenty of PR agencies in Nottingham, Mansfield, Peterborough and other surrounding towns meaning that local businesses are some what spoilt for choice.

Having choice is a good thing, but very few people have time to go through hundreds of websites and talk to dozens of experts.  How do you choose the right one?

  • Location – Choosing a local agency  is good as you can easily schedule a meeting to set up a campaign.  Having review meetings is also important, as you can discuss how the campaign is going.  Looking at progress and chat through any ways of making changes and improvements to the campaign.  Meetings play a big part in the communication and strategy process, two things that are important with getting an effective PR campaign set up
  • Size – All firms are different and have different resources to call upon.  Larger agencies that work with the global and national media may be better suited to a more global business.  A new business that is just looking for brand exposure may be better suited to a smaller agency or freelancer.
  • Cost – All PR agencies in Leicester have different fees, PR prices vary from agency to agency, therefore shopping around is necessary.  We live in an age of price comparison, therefore shopping around is wise in order to get the best deal and avoid overspending.
  • Experience – Choosing an agency that has experience in your industry is also important.  They will know the media publications to talk to, the contacts at the media.  This will make setting up a PR campaign easier, and also understand how to position your campaign in order to be fruitful.

A Few Words About Leicester

It is the county town of Leicestershire, situated in the centre of England, with a population of around 300,000 people according to council stats.

The Romans referred to Leicester as “Ratae Coritanorum” which they founded along the Fosse Way, which was a Roman road between Exeter and Lincoln, in 50 AD.  After the Romans, it was one of the largest and most important towns in the Danelaw.  

The name is said to have come from the word ‘castra’ (meaning ‘camp’) and ‘Ligore’ meaning people or ‘dwellers’ of the River Legro’.

Leicester lost it ‘city’ status in the 11th century due to the power struggles between the church and the aristocracy (but this was re-granted in 1919).  It boomed during the years leading up to the Industrial Revolution, as it was known for the production of footwear and clothing.  This was spurred on by the building of the canals, and later the railways.

Industries include engineering, which is strengthened through links with Leicester University and De Montfort University, also continuing textiles, clothing and shoes.

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