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There are around 10 PR agencies in Nuneaton, which is relatively small for the size of the town.  However as it is very much residential, many agencies have located themselves closer to Coventry or Birmingham.  

There are some 20 larger marketing companies in the town, and as it has good transport links, this does make sense.  

These offer public relations as part of a mix of marketing services, such as graphic design and web services, for larger clients who need support across multiple areas of marketing.  There are a number of larger PR companies in Rugby that offer a specific industry focus.  Also a few good PR companies in Leicester?

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Selecting A Local Firm

Businesses in the area have a choice of either using one of the local PR agencies in Nuneaton of which there are around 20.  Or using PR agencies in Birmingham instead, which is not too far to the west.

It is best to work with a local firm, rather than one that is not based in the Midlands, so that meetings can be easily scheduled.  Visiting an agency does mean you have the chance to get to know the agency, learn about their services, and discuss your requirements in depth.  It also gives a chance for them to get to know you, as opposed to just looking over your website while on the ‘phone to another client, and finding out what your objectives are.

Selecting a firm that has previous experience in your market sector also means that the campaign should be productive sooner, meaning a quicker return on investment.  Since knowledge is power, a knowledge of your industry should result in a succesfull PR campaign.

There is the need to consider the size and resources of an agency, as some are more geared to working with local press and magazines, whereas some are more directly involved with national media or international press coverage.

Compare Prices

All PR companies in Nuneaton will offer different rates depending on their size, experience, staff numbers and profit margins.  

Getting the best firm is important, however no business likes to pay more than the market value; so the need to shop around and compare quotes is essential for getting a good return on investment, and high value for your money.  PR prices do vary, so shopping around for the best deal is advisable.

A Few Words About Nuneaton

It is a large town to the east of Birmingham and north of Coventry.  The town gets its name from a Benedictine nunnery that was in the area in the 12th Century, before that the name of the area was ‘Etone’, which means ‘water town’.  

Over the years Nuneaton grew steadily, and during the Industrial Revolution, thanks to its situation around the coal reserves, became known for textiles, brick making, tile making and brewing.  

During the Second World War it became known for its munitions factories and was targeted and heavily bombed by the German Luftwaffe.  These days it has around 70,000 inhabitants, and is a commuter town according to council data.

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